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Back from the Paradise...

Date: April 22-25, 2004
Location: Club Paradise, Dimakya Island, Northern Palawan
Trip report and birdlist by Kitty Arce

I was truly in Paradise when i was in Dimakya Island (Coron, Palawan) home to Club Paradise. Imagine, no TV, radio and cellphones!!!!!!!!!!!! What a vacation! :) Imagine, snorkelling and seeing all the cast of Finding Nemo!!! Turtles and all!!!!! Amazing. And the birdlife too was terrific!! :) No Eurasian Tree Sparrows!!!!!!!

The forest cover in Busuanga where the plane landed wasn't very good though....almost everything was cleared and you can still see portions being burned down. Coron however was beautiful. The limestone formations and lakes are just breathtaking! I couldn't resist swimming in the clear waters!!! So now I'm sooooooooo super dark :) hehehe But anyway, I did my birding in Club Paradise and was very happy with my birdlist, my lifers were what the locals call Palawan Shama, otherwise known as the White Vented Shama. I would wake up every morning hearing their songs :) I also saw for the first time a flock of Pied Imperial Pigeons and a Black Naped Fruit Dove, you really wouldn't miss it's black nape. I also saw a pair of the very mysterious Tabon Scrubfowl....they had an eerie call too. It was my first to see the Island Collared Dove as well, they were everywhere on the island! It was truly a sight to witness Hooded Pittas performing courtship dances! The Stork-billed Kingfisher which i thought looked like a funny white-throated kingfisher at first and realized it was something else :) The Olive-Winged Bulbul and the Rufous Tailed Tailorbird that was quite common along the hiking trail of the Dimakya Island.

My only mistake was i didn't bring my dad's new rebel digital camera which would have been perfect in taking the photos of the birds and also the deer, monitor lizards that was in the island! Who would've thought that the birds there enjoyed having their pictures taken!!! argh!!!!

Until my next trip......(i wonder where it'll be),

So here's my complete list:
1. Eastern Reef Egret- dark phase 2 - Saw them everyday
2. Rufous Night Heron- 1 Seen roosting and flying in the afternoon and night
3. Cattle Egret
- non-breeding and breeding 40+ - In Busuanga
4. Tabon Scrubfowl- 2(pair) +1
5. Barred Rail 1- According to Kennedy they're not supposed to be in Palawan but i saw 1 in Dimakya Island
6. White-breasted Waterhen 2- One seen in the island and one in Busuanga
7. Tern sp.- 7
8. Pink-necked Green Pigeon- 2
9. Black-chinned Fruit Dove- 2
10. Black-naped Fruit Dove- 1
11. Pied imperial Pigeon- 7
12. Island Collared Dove- 5
13. Common Emerald Dove- 2
14. Large-tailed Nightjar- (heard only)
15. Stork-billed Kingfisher- 1 Being harassed by a WB Barn Swallow but secured on it's roost
16. Hooded Pitta- 4 Heard them calling a lot too. 2 seen in a courtship dance!
17. Pied Triller- 2
18. Olive-winged Bulbul- Common All over the island
19. Black-naped Oriole- Common
20. White-vented Shama- 5+ HEard and Seen all over the island
21. Rufous Tailed Tailorbird- 2
22. Pied Triller- 5
23. Long-tailed Shrike- 1 In Busuanga
24. White-breasted Woodswallow- Abundant all over the island!!!
25. Asian Glossy Starlings- Abundant! Everywhere
26. Olive-backed Sunbird- Common