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All set for bird festival in Zambo
SUN STAR ZAMBOANGA, February 10, 2014

by our correspondent, Bhuj, 29 January 2013

By Bong Garcia

ALL is set for the holding of the three-day 9th Philippine Bird Festival in ZamboangaCity.

The lush forest of Intake Watershed is one of the sites to be
visited by bird festival delegates.

(DOT) and Wild Bird Club of the Philippines,
is set to be held from February 27 until March 1 at the Paseo del Mar.

WBCP president Gina Mapua said the bird festival aims to promote birding in this city;

to raise awareness on the importance of preservation and protection of different bird species found in this city;

and, to drum up positive activities geared towards improving the image of the city, especially to international birding enthusiasts who are regular delegates to the Philippine Bird Festival.

“We would like to draw attention in particular to the variety of birds that
you can find in ZamboangaCity. Within the city limits alone, there are a very amazing number of birds,” Mapua said Monday.

Mapua said the bird festival also aims to draw attention to the discovery of the first documented breeding site of the Great White Egrets at the fishpond of the Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST).

“What makes this unusual is Great White Egrets are migratory, they don’t breed here in the Philippines.
They breed somewhere else and they come here during winter but because of the favorable condition found at the fish pond of ZSCMST, the Great White Egrets stay all year round and breed,” Mapua added.

Mapua said six foreign delegations have already confirmed to come to this city for the 9th Philippine Bird Festival and these are: Borneo Bird Club;
Asian Raptor Research; Wild Bird Society of Taipei; Bird Conservation Society of Thailand; Malaysian Nature Society; and Tourism Malaysia.

The local delegations will include conservation and nature organizations such as the following: Haribon; Katala Foundation; Bird Watch Palawan; Senand Manaki; Philippine Native Plant Society; Polilio Island Bio-Diversity
Conservation; Save Freedom Island Movement; and, Balanga Bird Club.

Mapua said part of the bird festival includes lectures, bird watching and other activities.

One of the bird watching sites is the PasonancaNaturalPark, which is also an old growth forest in Mindanao
rich in biodiversity, and is the home to some 200 bird species including the Zamboanga Bul-Bul locally known as “kul-kul.”