The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

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Birding:More fun in the Philippines

(The Philippine Star) Updated April 19, 2012

When in Manila and seeking something new and worthwhile, what do you do?

Maia Tanedo of the Wild Bird Club Philippines

Birdwatching 101

Last April 19, bird lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and interested lovers of nature gathered at The Travel Club Trinoma for Bird Watching 101. Maia Tanedo of the Wild Bird Club gave a very informative talk about bird watching in the Philippines.

As a biologist I got so excited about all this bird loving. Albeit bird watching has been around for a while, I think it’s safe to say that bird-watchers haven’t really attracted a big crowd yet. I have friends who go to the ends of the Philippines, like Kalinga and Sulu, just to watch these pretty chirping creatures, but again, there isn’t really a lot of them – and I think it’s high time that we learn how to appreciate our avian friends.

Birdwatcher Camela Balcazar, Resort Director of Villa Escudero, also gave
a very enthusiastic talk about birds.

Yes, birds have been around for some time (post Triassic era, at least) but do we really know and appreaciate our birds?

Blue-tailed Bee-eater

Lowland White-eye

What’s fun about birding is that you can do it practically almost everywhere. As long as there are birds, at least.

Meet Mariquit – an Indigo-banded kingfisher who has attracted bird watchers from all over the world. she has also landed on book and magazine covers, as well as an ad printed on the side of a red London double-decker bus.

With buildings sprawling here and there, trees as old as time are being cut (#SaveBaguioPineTrees), we are very lucky to have beautiful, breathing creatures around. Like I always say, the Philippines is very blessed with a very rich biodiversity. We are home to over 600 bird species – 200 of which are endemic or can only be found here in our homeland. And it is nothing short of amazing!

Olive-backed Sunbird

So are you now up for some bird loving?

A culminating activity will be held on April 28 at Villa Escudero. When in Manila, make sure you sign up for this bird watching event! Registration is ongoing and interested participants may sign-up for the birdwatching event in any Columbia store.

Villa Escudero has been named as one of the best bird watching site in the Philippines by the Department of Tourism and continues to promote this distinction internationally, with 90 bird species found in the resort alone.

Columbia Bird Watching in Villa Escudero

Fee: PhP 1500
Wild Bird Club members: PhP 1300


Meeting Place: ROX BHS

10 AM Depart from ROX BHS
11 AM Lunch (not included in the packagE)
1 PM Arrival in VE – museum tour
2 PM Cultural show with merienda
3 PM Bird watching proper
5 PM Culmination of bird watching
530 PM Depart for Manila

Registration for this R.O.X. signature tour was opened during the talk. Slots are limited so hurry and get ready for some birding!