The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines
The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

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Promoting Environmental Awareness through Birdwatching

Student Digest - July edition
by Earlie Pasion

Birds have always delighted most people. Birds come in different sizes and colors. More than they capture people's attention through their songs. Because of these reasons, more and more people are becoming fond of bird watching or birding.

Bird watching is an activity of observing wild birds in their natural habitat. It is not just identifying the birds' names but also about their songs, behavior and how they relate to the rest of the nature.

Makiling with Kumar and Patty
Birding in Mount Makiling

In the Philippines, the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines was established to promote bird watching as a hobby and a responsible enjoyment of nature. Haribon, on the other hand, a foundation for the conservation of natural resources, started as a bird watching society. Haribon regarded the Philippine Eagle to symbolize the environmental state of the country.

The movement of birds from place to place and bird populations reflect the health of the environment. Some birds are indicator species and they also forecast environmental conditions. A bird watcher once said that the knowledge of birds can help us plan better, more sustainable relationship with nature.

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Popular Sites for Bird Watching

1. Candaba Swamp, Pampanga
2. St Paul's National Park, Palawan
3. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
4. Mangrove Trail, SBMA
5. Mt Apo, Davao
7. Mt Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna
8. Northern Sierra Madre Nature Park, Cagayan
9. Olango Island, Cebu
10. Sagada, Mt Province
11. Taal Lake, Batangas
12. American Cemetery, Fort Bonifacio, Makati
13. Coastal Road, Paranaque
14. University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC