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Meeting for the 8th Philippine Bird Festival

September 16, 2012
Lu residence, Manila

Members Present: Mike Lu, Leni Sutcliffe, Jops Josef, Maia Tañedo, Karen Ochavo, Joni Acay, Willem Van De Ven, ArnelTelesforo, Tin Telesforo, Jon Villasper, Jon Javier, Gina Mapua, MikeliMapua

Meeting Minutes # 3

  1. Festival theme.  The DoT has certain guidelines for use of the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” slogan and since DENR requested that the words “Manila Bay” be included in the theme as well, the bird festival committee decided that the festival shall officially be called “8th Philippine Bird Festival – Manila Bay” and the theme is “Birdwatching. It’s more fun in the Philippines.”    

We will come up with a series of bird photos with witty one-liners to go with the guideline of the DoT.  Tonji Ramos has been assigned to work on the photos. 

  1. Schedule of activities

December 5 - Arrival of delegates

December 6
0600 Depart Manila for Balanga (for foreign delegates and LGUs)
0900 Arrive in Balanga for the IbongDayo Festival (for foreign and LGUs)
1100 Lectures
1200 Lunch
0130 Depart for Manila
1630 Arrive in Manila
1700 Proceed to LPPCHEA for Welcome Dinner hosted by DENR
2100 Return to hotel

December 7
0600 Breakfast
0700 Ingress
0800 Festival starts
1200 Lunch
1630 Festival ends
1830 Depart for Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros for dinner hosted by DoT
2130 Return to hotel

December 8
0500 Breakfast
0600 Birdwatching at LPPCHEA
0800 Return to hotel
0830 Festival starts
1200 Lunch
1700 Festival ends
1900 Dinner at Teodoro Valencia Circle hosted by Primer Group

December 9
Departures or post-festival trip to Mt Palay-Palay (for local conservation orgs)

  1. Solicitation & Sponsorship Committee

National Museum of the Philippines – venue and exhibit
National Parks Development Committee - venue

Team Energy Foundation    Major sponsor
Manila Water  Donor    

Primer Group/CORE/Columbia - , dinner, t-shirts, tokens
Smart Communications - tents

Souvenir Ad sponsorship

Tina Mallari P 10,000 ( inside front cover )
IxiMapua P 6,000
Gina and HernanMapua P 6,000
Christan Perez P 6,000
Leni Sutcliffe P 6,000
Benedict and Aimee Lu P 6,000*
Anna Gonzales P 4,000 *
Astrobirder P 4,000
Rene Calado P 3,000
TinggayCinco P 3,000
Jude Sanchez P 2,000
Karen Ochavo P 1,000
Brian Ellis P 1,000
Mark Bennett P 1,000
Jo Solis P 1,000
Rex Durban P 1,000
Lisa Lumbao P 1,000
Charlie Fernandez and Paula Peralejo P 1,000

Total for Solicitation

Php P 63,000.00

Target amount for souvenir program is P 200,000.00.
 * pledged or not yet paid

  1. Delegates Committee

     Foreign Organizations c/o TereCervero& Mel Tan

Taiwan Ecotourism Association, Malaysia Nature Society, Nature Society of Singapore, Chengdu Birdwatching Society, Raptor Research Group of Taiwan, Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Seoul National University Wild Bird Society, Gujarat Tourism have confirmed attendance/expressed interest

Invited organizations are allowed to invite other paying members from their organizations.
Extra delegate at US $ 250.00/pax.

Local Organizations c/o CheeAnnnRono - Katala Foundation, Mabuwaya Foundation, Birding Adventure Philippines have confirmed attendance.
Extra delegates at Php 8500.00/pax.

LGUs c/o Chee Ann Rono
LGUs from Balanga, Candaba, Bislig, Alaminos, Bani, Paoay, PuertoPrincesa will be invited.
LGU delegates will be charged Php 8500.00.

WBCP members c/o MailynYangco
Breakdown of members needing accommodations December 5-9

  1. Souvenir Program c/o Jops Josef and Maia Tañedo

Awaiting messages from co-organizers/sponsors
Some articles will be lifted from the eBON newsletter.

  1. Technical and Visual Arts c/o Jon Villasper and ArnelTelesforo

Jon will create 2 additional designs for t-shirt. He has updated the bird designs and will come up with the final 10 birds to be highlighted during the bird festival. The designs will be made into information tarps, coloring sheets, stickers and possibly button pins.

Festival merchandise will be sold at bird festivals in Borneo, Taipei, and Bangkok to generate income for the Club.

ArnelTelesforo will be in charge of creating the festival poster and the tent tarps when the final list of sponsors and exhibitors is confirmed.

  1. National Museum 

The National Museum of the Philippines or NMP has come up with a proposed design for two dioramas featuring an intertidal ecosystem and a biogeographic map. A MOA has been drawn up where NMP will come up with exhibit and venue. WBCP will help source funds and provide bird photographs and other information.

  1. Logistics Committee c/o Jessie Severino

    Alex Tiongco requested our previous sponsor, Smart Communications, to provide for the tent requirements.