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Meeting Minutes # 7
Gloria Jean's Cafe, Fort Bonifacio
9:00 pm

Trinket Canlas
Tere Cervero
Adri Constantino
Drew Galano
Anna Gonzales
Joel Jorda
Alex Loinaz
Mike Lu
Ixi Mapua
Eric Patdu
Bing Patdu
Rich Pijuan
Felix Servita
Leni Sutcliffe
Mel Tan,
Arnel Telesforo
Tintin Telesforo
Mark Villa
Jon Villasper

Meeting Minutes

1. Sponsorship Committee (represented by Tere Cervero, Alex Loinaz and Mike Lu).
1.1 Pioneer Insurance signed up as one of the sponsors.
1.2 For the souvenir program, only P 55,000.00 has been received which is exactly the total cost of printing the souvenir program. The committee requests members to turn over collected solicitations and the ad layouts ASAP. The souvenir program has yet to printed and deadline is on Friday, August 31.

2. Venue Committee (represented by Arnel Telesforo and Jon Villasper).
2.1 Stage dimensions are 12' x 24' x 3' and tarp designed for the stage is 3' x 8'. One tarp will be displayed on the facade of the Eduardo Aboitiz Studies Center next week.
2.2 Waterfront Hotel will make a welcome streamer for the delegates and to be displayed at the Arrival section of the airport. WBCP needs to get a permit from the City Mayor's Office.
2.3 250 pcs of Festival posters with sponsors and exhibtors logos have been printed and will be brought to Cebu next week by Mike.

3. Reservations Committee (represented by Mike Lu): 22 hotel rooms reserved. Additionbal room reservations to be finalized 2 weeks before the bird festival.

4. Press release (represented by Leni Sutcliffe, Eric Patdu): 2nd press release featuring the Cebu Flowerpecker has been sent to different newspaper organizations. Only Malaya (in full) has printed the article, so far.

5. Exhibitors Committee (represented by Anna Gonzales, Joel Jorda, Tintin Telesforo and Felix Servita) has written the exhibitors to ask for basic information (number of participants, their flight schedule and other requirements). Another letter will be sent to ask for confirmation of participation in the different programs in order to know number of particpants per activity (ie Birdquest, Exhibitor's time).

6. Souvenir Program (represented by Trinket Canlas and Adri Constantino) Draft of the souvenir program was presented by the committee. Only waiting for the sponsor's ads to finalize the layout.

7. Program Committee (represented by Rich Pijuan, Mark Villa, Mel Tan)
7.1 Joint Welcome Remarks by Festival chairs Alice Villa-Real and Nilo Arribas to include acknowledgement of sponsors, exhibitors and other guests. Members who have invited guests must inform festival committee ie LGU official from Malaybalay, Candaba and Puerto Princesa.

8. Transport Committee (represented by Ixi Mapua and Mark Villa) Waterfront Hotel will provide one round-trip transport to the delegates. Other transport requirements will be finalized after delegates have confirmed their arrival/departure schedules.

9. Food Committee (represented by Ixi Mapua and Mark Villa) Waterfront Hotel menu for September 21 has been handed to the committee. Breakfast for September 22 will be held at the EADSC, lunch and dinner will be provided by WWF.

1. Invitation to the Opening Ceremonies of the Birdfest has been printed and will be distributed to sponsors and exhibitors.
2. Festival committee has approved video documentation at P 5000.00/day.
3. Reception and exhibitors committees have handed a list of required materials.
4. Backstage "boys" are Arnel Telesforo, Adri Constantino and Felix Servita
4. Anna Gonzales appointed as Floor Director with Production Assistants Drew Galano, Mark Villa, Joel Jorda, Joel Gaviola