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Meeting Minutes #8

Meeting Minutes # 8 and notes from Programs/Games/Exhibitors meeting

August 29-30, 2007

Anna Gonzales and Mike Lu went to Cebu City for a couple of days to tie-up loose ends in the preparation for the bird festival.
Here are the results of the meetings, including updates as of September 7, 2007.

Cebu City Hall

Mayor Tommy Osmena/City Administrator Francisco Fernandez
1. Welcome Dinner to be hosted by Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena at the Port Seafood Restaurant (Waterfront Hotel) for 70 delegates.
2. Provide 2 buses for transport to SRP on September 21 and to Olango on September 22.
3. Festival streamer (designed by Arnel Telesforo) to be hoisted in front of City Hall.
4. City Hall to invite 300 high school and 300 grade school students to the bird fest.
5. Mayor to keynote speech at the Opening Ceremonies
6. Mayor asks WBCP opinion on SRP birdwatching and asked to stay for the presscon with local media. The interview on SRP was published on all 3 local dailies the next day and on GMA-7 news.

Eduardo Aboitiz Center
1. Posters handed over to RAFI for distribution to schools.
2. 311 high school students confirmed participation in the morning session. 328 grade school students confirmed participation in the afternoon session.

Sulpicio Lines
1. Hand over invitation and festival posters. Posters to be put on board all 18 vessels of Sulpicio Lines.

Waterfront Hotel
1. Meeting with Ray Guinto and Louie Palang to check on sound system requirements. Price quote to be sent.

SM City
1. Meeting with Patty Adversario, Louie Palang, Lisa Paguntalan and Godo Jakosalem to discuss plans for Olango.
2. Since 100 grade school students woud attend the morning session and 100 high school students will attend the afternoon session, it was agreed to split the group into 4. The 4 assigned leaders per group are Lisa Paguntalan, Godfrey Jakosalem, Nilo Arribas and Lala Espanola. Other members will be assigned as assistant guides.

Ayala Center
Meeting with Nilo Arribas, Louie Palang, Bobby Kintanar and Raul Puentespina
1. Nilo and Bobby finalized photo selection for the exhibit.
2. developing and frraming to be done in Cebu. Labels will be done in Manila.
3. Nilo, Raul and Bobby to come up with a photographic guide to birds of Cebu and Bohol. We strongly recommended that the book launching be held on the evening of September 21 during the Delegates Fellowship dinner.

Casa Rosario
Meeting with Jukka Holopainen
1. Hosting whole day on September 21 and evening of September 22.
2. Assign volunteers to man CEAE booth.
3. Jukka to help invite schools and TV contact.

Notes from Program/Games/Exhibit Committees Meeting
September 4, 2007
Seattle's Best Bonifacio High Street
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Rich Pijuan
Anna Gonzales
Joel Gaviola
Melanie Tan
Arnel Telesforo
Debbie McGuin
Christine Telesforo
Jhoel Jorda
Ixi Mapua
Drew Galano
Lala Espanola
Mark Villa
Felix Servita
Alex Loinaz
Mike Lu

1. Objective of meeting was to run through the schedule to familiarize the teams with the over-all flow, determine roles/responsibilities of volunteers; for team members to ask questions, make requests

2. What was not discussed: detailed duties at WBCP booth, registration committee (except in relation to program, which is to send names of VIPs to stage for acknowledgment), media relations (except to distribute program as part of media kit, familiarization with program), souvenir program, coloring and face painting area, food, transport, other details of exhibit logistics
3. Detailed schedules per day/segment are attached. There will be only one main program. Details of "side" programs & activities are c/o booths and exhibitors. It was found out that the plan to have scopes and stuffed birds around the ballroom was scrapped.
4. Teams are as follows:
a. "Backstage (sidestage?) boys" (Arnel, Jhoel, Felix, Adri, Louie): stage management, visuals/audio in between and during presentations,
i.e. video/laptop/sounds/music, stage crowd control, cue & remind presenters (resource persons, exhibitors, etc.), escort contestants and performers
b. Game committee (Rich, Melanie, Mark, Debbie): finalization of game mechanics, questions and procedure; game management; to cue and assist emcees on the games
c. Emcees pool (Drew, Jukka, Anna, Nilo, Nac-C): Facilitate programs/segments, keep spirit of festival going, prevent "dead air" (Anna to provide further guidelines for the team through email)
d. Olango teams: Headed by Nilo, Lala, Lisa Marie and Godo. ALL WBCP members will be assigned to the teams (as much as possible, encourage everybody to care for the locals, and not just the foreign delegates; foreing delegates will be encouraged to interact with locals)
e. Script Supervision (Christine) and Media Relations (Joel G): Christine to be over-all script supervisor (final program design, additional spiels, changes in program, cuing); Joel to note program flow for media; both will stay at WBCP booth for easy access; Joel to help put together media kit (list)
f. Floor Direction: Anna (instructions to teams, resource persons, speakers, emcees)
5. During "free time" volunteers can "rest" at the WBCP booth or go around the other tents. Each team to manage time so that they can work in turns so no one is ?unduly stressed.
6. There will be at least 2 mascots: Black Shama and Katala :) The Siloy dancers will be in costume, and will need a "dressing area" (we forgot to discuss where they could have a dressing room!)

7. Questions and requests from members:
a. Request to ID makers to color-code the IDs so that those who don't know each other well will be grouped together for the welcome dinner; this is to maximize fellowship among local and international birders
b. First aid at Olango (who?)
c. All speakers to please coordinate with technical for their presentation needs (an advisory to exhibitors will be circulated); attention members Alice/Nicky, Nilo, Lala, Lisa Marie
d. May we borrow bird call recordings (please pass on to technical team c/o Arnel)
e. Request to Cebu group to please prepare farewell dinner program.