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Birdwatch Philippines (registered as the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines) is organizing an early morning birdwatching trip in Tambo mudflats, Parañaque on December 5, 2004 at 6:00 am.

This trip is sponsored by the Birdwatch Philippines as a free service to the public to promote birdwatching, awareness of urban avifauna and responsible appreciation of nature. The trip to Tambo offers city folks a change of environment, a chance to relax for a few hours to simply enjoy the place and observe migrant and resident birds without getting out of the city.

The Tambo mudflats and mangroves are threatened by rampant real estate development and the WBCP together with Parañaque residents are hoping to find the best solution to preserve a section as a nature sanctuary.



The Siberian Rubythroat, an uncommon visitor from the north is one of the species that has made Tambo its winter home. Some of the common birds to expect include barred rails, moorhen, sandpipers, plovers, white-collared and common kingfishers and the egrets that come in droves. With luck we might spot Eurasian kestrel or peregrine falcon in the area.

The BirdWalk

We will start the day with a walk beside the Coastal Mall by the Macapagal Boulevard through the overgrown ipil-ipil thickets and grassland. Along the way we might encounter zebra doves, cisticolas, grassbirds, brown shrikes and munias. If we walk quietly, we might encounter buttonquail on the narrow paths.

We will detour to the bank of the channel of the tide is low enough to check on sandpipers and herons, then further on among mangrove and aroma thorn thickets to the flats to view the plovers, sandpipers, egrets and hopefully wild ducks.

The group will meet up at the Petron gas station on the corner of Macapagal Boulevard and EDSA Extension as early as 5:30 a.m. We will head for the Coastal Mall at 5:45 am and after a short orientation, we will start at daybreak or 6:00 a.m. when the birds are most noisy and active.

A visit to the Coastal Road Lagoon is also an option.

We recommend that you bring hats, walking or hiking shoes, jeans, sun block, insect repellent and drinking water for your own convenience. We also advise you to wear comfortable and non-colorful clothes. It might get chilly before sunrise so warm outerwear is recommended. Rubber boots would be helpful should you decide to get in the water if better view is desired. We will be moving through grassland so participants with allergies are advised to take precautions.

Please sign up soon. We have 15 slots available for this trip.

Birdwatch Philippines can provide 10 pairs of 8 x 40 mm binoculars for rent at P50.00 each.


The site is also accessible by public transport. Take the buses bound for the International Airport and get off at the Uniwide Coastal Mall on Roxas Boulevard. Walk in the direction of the unfinished mall structure on Macapagal Boulevard. Our party will park in the lot beside the police outpost. Since the trail might be overgrown at this time of year, please text or call that you will be coming so our more experienced members can come and guide you in.

To sign up for the tour or to request more information, please contact Mike Lu at [0917-3350325] or Mark Villa at