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Birdwatch Philippines (registered as the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines) is organizing an afternoon birdwatching trip at the Heritage Park on November 15, Monday at 3 pm. Assembly place at the visitor’s center inside the memorial.

Sponsored as a free public service of The Wild Bird Club to promote bird watching and responsible enjoyment of nature, this afternoon bird tour offers city dwellers the unique opportunity to view resident and migrant birds in an area close to home.

Not far from the hubbub of the Makati Central Business District, the Heritage Park is a memorial park located in Fort Bonifacio where resident and migrant birds can be observed.

Three different species of wild doves (batu-bato)- Zebra Dove, Red Turtle Dove and Spotted Dove - have been seen in the well-tended lawns. The proud Richard's Pipits (pipit-lata) lords it over the grasslands as Crested Mynahs (martines) and Long-tailed Shrikes (tarat San Diego) have taken up residence inside the park as well.

The lagoon on the far end of the park is the hunting ground of the White-collared Kingfishers (sasala), which are among the most vocal and colorful birds in this place. Pacific Swallows (layang-layang) swoop down to drink water and catch insects as they fly non-stop in circles above this body of water.

Red Turtle Dove
Long-tailed shrike

White-collared Kingfisher Golden-bellied Flyeater

Yellow-vented Bulbul

During winter migration, Yellow and Gray Wagtails (payugyog) frequent the lawns on both sides of the lagoon. Common Sandpipers have also been observed in this area.

The ever-present Yellow-vented Bulbuls (malipago) and the aggressive Pied Fantails (maria capra) share the landscape with the dominant migrant, the Brown Shrike (tarat). Other birds to watch out for are White-breasted Wood-swallows (pagaspas), the Golden-bellied Flyeaters (pipit)and Striated Grassbirds (tibsok).

Hats, walking or hiking shoes, jeans, sun block, insect repellent and drinking water are necessary for this expedition. The Heritage Park is an exclusive memorial park and is not opened to the public. The memorial park administration has granted permission to the Wild Bird Club access to the park for birdwatching purposes.

Visitors are requested to respect the solemnity of the place, and stay on the paved roads. Please see attached map for directions to the site.

Please sign up soon. We have 15 slots available for this trip.

Birdwatch Philippines can provide 10 pairs of 8 x 40 mm binoculars for rent at P50.00 each.
To sign up for the tour or to request more information, please contact Mike Lu at [0917-3350325]

Heritage Park Map