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The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

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Directions to Candaba Marsh


From the NLEX, turn right at the Sta. Rita exit and go straight to towards Baliuag.

You will pass Plaridel town, pass a bridge, on and on until you see the Baliuag flyover. Do not go up the flyover but take the side street on the right and turn left under the flyover. *If you overshoot the flyover, simply make a U-turn.

Go straight through a small town with ricefields. Pass the Welcome to Pampanga arch. Go on and on until you reach a smaller steel Welcome to Bahay Pare arch.

Pas the arch and pass a small bridge. Turn right immediately after the bridge to a small side street.

Go on for 5-10 minutes and look for 2 sari-sari store son the right side of the road. The stores are Edna's store and Julie's store. Turn left into a smaller street that eventually opens up to fields on both sides and becomes a dirt road. Just follow the road until you reach the main pond where the birds are. Your view should have Mt Arayat in the background with a row of eucalyptus trees in the foreground.

YOu may follow the road to the right that would end up in the Mayor's vacation house where you may rest or use the rest rooms.

*If you get lost, just ask directions to Mayor Jerry Pelayo's rest house in Bahay Pare or Simang for birdwatching.