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Birdfest Meeting Minutes # 2

Meeting Minutes # 2
June 16, 2007
Villa-Real residence, QC
9:00 pm - 12:30 am

Birders: Trinket Canlas, Tere Cervero, Adrian Constantino, Anna Gonzales, Alex Loinaz, Mike Lu, Mel Tan, Arnel Telesforo, Alice Villa-Real

(L-R) Arnel Telesforo, Tere Cerevro, Alice Villa-Real, Trinket Canlas,
Adri Constantino, Jon Villasper, Mike Lu, Anna Gonzales and Mel Tan
1. Festival sponsorship letters have been sent to potential sponsors: Mirant, CEMEX, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Department of Tourism- Cebu, Cebu Mayor's office.

2. Sponsorship packages were pegged accordingly: Main sponsor @ P 500,00.00, Major sponsor @ P200,000.00, Minor sponsor @ P 100,000.00 and Donor @ P 50,000.00.

3. Sponsorship may be part in cash and part in kind according to the following options:

- provide transportation to hotel, airport, SRP and Olango
- tender Welcome Dinner for delegates on the eve of the festival
- provide meals/snacks at Olango Island
- sponsor airfreight services
- provide publicity (TV, radio, print) before and during the event
- provide welcome banners at the airport and streamers around the vicinity of the venues

4. Mirant Foundation have confirmed their interest to be a Main sponsor.

5. Festival sponsorship letter uploaded on the website will be pulled out to avoid misrepresentation by non-WBCP members.

6. Souvenir program ad sponsorship are pegged accordingly: Full page @ P 5000.00, Half page @ P 3000.00, Quarter page P 2000.00, Patron @ P 1000.00. Members support are encouraged.

7. Invitations have been sent to environmental organizations. Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (CBCF) and Kaakbay CDI have confirmed participation as exhibitors.

8. Invitation have also been sent to 5 bird clubs in the region - Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Hong Kong Birdwatching Society, Nature Society of Singapore, Malaysian Nature Society, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand. Feedback was positive and most bird clubs requested that WBCP organize a 2-day birdwatching trip after the festival dates.

9. The Wild Bird Society of Taipei confirmed participation with 2 directors and 2 staff members.

10. The Asian Raptor Research Conservation Network (ARRCN) sent an email to express interest to participate in the festival.
The ARRCN is the organization that studies raptors and monitor raptor migration.

11. Invitations will be sent to 2 LGUs who have previously expressed desire to host future bird festivals, Malaybalay (Bukidnon) and Puerto Princesa (Palawan).

12. Revisions to the poster design by Arnel Telesforo were discussed. The poster will be printed in 2 weeks time and distributed in Cebu by the 2nd week of July.

13. Cebu-based members Bobby Kintanar and Nilo Arribas will provide photographs of birds shot on location in Cebu. WBCP will shoulder developing and framing costs. The framed collection will be left with the members in Cebu for future exhibits.

14. Jon Villasper will design additional bird tarps and these will likewise be left in Cebu after the festival for future exhibits. A set of waterbird designs will be donated to Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

15. The club will not invest in festival merchandise however individual members are encouraged to do so and donate part of their profits to the club. The club must approve the designs before these are manufactured. Suggested merchandise are stickers, caps, t-shirts, pins, mugs, etc. Arnel Telesforo has offered to design t-shirts.

16. Nilo Arribas has been assigned to plan a birdwatching package for a 2-day trip to Bohol.

17. Jon Villasper, Arnel Telesforo, Ixi Mapua and Mike Lu will be in Cebu from July 7-8 to meet with members, and potential exhibitors & sponsors. They will also inspect venue and plan logistics.

18. Suggested activities during the bird festival include coloring, face-painting, lecture, film-showing, birdquest contest, song-and-dance numbers.

19. It was suggested that program hosts should include Bisaya-speakers ie Nilo Arribas.

20. Souvenir program will be handled by Trinket Canlas and Adri Constantino. Suggestions and proposed contents must be sent directly to them