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The official website of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines

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Katala Foundation

5:30-6:00am • Breakfast and Departure for Narra - KFI sponsors one van that can accommodate 12 pax only (might be a little tight though with 12). Should there be many participants joining, WBCP must hire a separate van (costs around 7000 pesos including waiting and back to Puerto at night). KFI can arrange for this. Birders must wake-up this early so that we could leave before sunrise and reach the birding site in Narra around 7:30am
7:30-9:00 am • Birding in Site 1 • Malatgao Nature’s Park This is one of the remaining swamp forests in Palawan that KFI uses as study site for ecosystem exposures with youth. Records in the area include pigeons and other Palawan forest birds.
9:00-11:30 am • Birding in Site 2 • Trident former mine site Birding activity (forest birds) will be along the road to the mine site, walk going to the watershed and probably birding upstream for few meters and go back. KFI provide sandwich and water for snacks for all participants but please let us know how many in advance.
  • Birding in Site 3 • El Vita wetland El Vita wetland to look for migrants. This can be done along the road, telescopes are preferred. KFI provides packed snacks for this morning trip.
12:00-2:00pm • Lunch break
• Consolidation of site records
• Preparation of things for RIWS
• Short Pre-departure orientation on RIWS
• Registration of visitors
• La Vista Beach Resort KFI sponsors lunch for 12 participants at La Vista. If participants exceed, please let us know so we can ask La Vista to prepare more; however, you have to pay for the excess pax (200/pax).

KFI gives a short orientation on RIWS and the project.

2:00-6:00 pm • Departure to RIWS
• Birding around RIWS (coasts, marine sanctuary, campsite, birdwatch tower)
• Panacan Pier
• Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary
• KFI pays conservation fee of 140/pax for 20 participants.

Bird Fest
Shore birds, migrants Great-billed heron, Stork-billed kingfisher and Chinese egrets
IMPT: If tide allows, birders can go to birdwatch tower and campsite; however, we request that birders must follow rules when transferring from big boat to small boat to avoid accidents. A preferred shoe for this trip is mojo or strong sandals that you can afford to get wet! And be prepared to get wet anyway.
KFI provides packed snacks for this afternoon trip.
5:30-6:30pm • Roosting site visit • Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary Philippine cockatoo of course in the wild! Short explanation about roosting site, protocols and other birds recorded around it
6:30pm • Departure back to mainland   None
8:30pm • Arrival in PPC • PPC  

- We would appreciate feedback and comments on how staff carried the tour and your experience on Rasa. We kindly ask you to put this in writing in our logbook (Abukay boat).
- Should anyone wish to give donations for the wardens, please note it as well in the logbook for monitoring purposes.