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The ROX Bird Race Challenge 2007
December 1-2, 2007
Rules and Regulations

1. The race is open to WBCP birdwatchers and first-timers.

2. Each team should have a minimum 3 members and maximum of 4 members with at least 2 WBCP members.

3. The organizers (Primer Group and WBCP) have the right to choose the first-timer participants.

4. The first-timer participant will only know which team he/she will be assigned to on the day of the race.

5. The race will start and end at ROX, Building 1, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio.

6. The race will start on December 1, 2007 at 1500hrs. It will end on December 2 at 1500hrs. However, you may choose to end any time before 1200 hrs on December 2, 2007.

7. After bird watching on Saturday, Dec. 1 , all team members must sign-in before 2000 hrs at ROX.

8. All team members must be present at the opening ceremonies at 1400 hrs Saturday, December 1, on/before the sign-in time at 2000 hrs Saturday, December 1 and when turning in the accomplished forms on/before 1200 hrs Sunday, December 2.

9. First and foremost, the Code of Conduct for Birding must be observed. Put the welfare of the birds and our environment above the race.

10. All species recorded must be within the boundaries of the stipulated Metro Manila birding circuit. Birding location will only be announced on Saturday, December 1.

11. WBCP will provide the Metro Manila Checklist based on the official WBCP Philippine Checklist (Allen, Jensen, Pryor). Participants must tick off the species seen, and advised to put in figures and locations where the species was first seen.

12. All bird species recorded must be seen and the identity agreed by ALL members of the team e.g. for teams of three, all three must see and agree and for teams of four, all four must see and agree and so forth.

13. The assigned first-timer member of the team must take notes and be interviewed by the judges to substantiate their sightings.

14. Identification of the bird species via the following ways will not be accepted:
a. hearing birds' calls (nocturnal species included);
b. sightings of trapped, caged or otherwise restrained birds (zoo/or rescue/ centre);
c. sightings of oiled, sick or dead birds.

15. Attracting and luring birds with tape recorders or other audio instruments are prohibited.

16. Night viewing aids other than simple torches and binoculars will not be permitted.

17. Only land-based transport is to be used.

18. No teams are allowed to stay overnight in the target birding sites

19. The arbitrators reserve the right to disqualify any team that breaches any of the Rules of the ROX BIrd Race Challenge 2007.

20. The results of the race would be reviewed by the arbitrators. Their decisions would be final and no appeals would be entertained.

21. All participants will receive gift packs from Primer Group.

22. The team with the most number of bird species listed will be declared ROX Bird Race Challenge winners. Other special awards will also be given.