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August 11, 2007
8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Sutcliffe residence

Members: Tinket Canlas, Tere Cervero, Adri Constantino, Joel Gaviola, Anna Gonzales, Nicky Icarangal, Ann Lim, Alex Loinaz, Mike Lu, Lydia Robledo, Felix Servita, Leni Sutcliffe, Arnel Telesforo, Alex Tiongco, Alice Villa-Real

1. Sponsorship and Finance Committee (represented by Mike Lu, Alex Tiongco, Tere Cervero, Alex Loinaz): Pioneer Insurance has pledged to join TeaM Energy and Sulpicio Lines as one of the sponsors. The souvenir ad solicitations have started to pick-up with collections from Sudipto Mundle, CK Lu Enterprises, Joaquin Cervero, US Walker, Candaba LGU, Powertruck, Charlie Te and Val Toral. Pledges from other individuals and companies will have to be followed-up as deadline is set on August 27 to give enough time for souvenir program layout and printing,


2. Venue Committee (represented by Arnel Telesforo): Jon Villasper has submitted the venue layout with tent assignments for participating organizations, while bird tarp designs will be finished by end of August. Arnel Telesforo gave a preview of the draft poster pending submission of logos from sponsors and additional exhibitors. Additonal tarp designs for the stage and the booths will be drafted by Arnel Telesforo.

3. Program Committee (represented by Alice Villa-Real):
3.1 Committtee still waiting for DENR's response if they have rescued birds that can be used for lecture on Just Watch, Don't Catch.


3.2 Siloy dancers have been invited to take part in program. Invitation sent to mayor of Alcoy but no confirmation yet.
3.3 Panata sa Kalikasan will be translated to Bisaya
3.4 CEAE's Endangered Tales which runs 53 minutes will be shown during the 1-hour lunchbreak.

4. Reservations Committee (represented by Lydia Robledo and Mike Lu): Air tickets have been booked and paid for. Volunteers who decide on a change in flight schedule will have to contact airline and pay for additional expenses. Volunteers who, for whatever reason, cannot attend birdfest must reimburse the full amount to the bird club.


5. Souvenir program (represented by Trinket Canlas, Adri Constantino, Leni Sutcliffe): Printing cost for souvenir program is P 110.00 each. All sponsors, including ad sponsors, exhibitors, contributors and committee members are entitled to a copy. Members who are assigned articles are requested to turn in their works by August 15.

6. Exhibitors Committee (represented by Anna Gonzales, Felix Servita): A letter containing the following information will be sent to the exhibitors: venue address, booth dimensions, Cebu basic information, schedule of activities. They will also be asked to provide their flight schedule and if they need transport assistance and volunteers to man their booths.


7. Bohol Birdwatching Trip Committee (represented by Nicky Icarangal): Participants are 6 WBCP birders, 6 WBST birders, 1 ARRCN birder. Awaiting confirmation from BCST. Cost per person for the 2-day trip including transport is US $ 150.00.

8. Press Release Committee (represented by Leni Sutcliffe, Joel Gaviola): Write-ups on Cebu Flowerpecker, habitat protection in Cebu and a bigger spread on the WBCP and the festival will be sent to the major dailies.

9. Next meeting will be held before August ends. Date and venue to be announced.