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Meeting Minutes # 4
July 20, 2007
Gloria Jean's, Fort Bonifacio
9:00 pm - 12:00 am

Birders: Adrian Constantino, Trinket Canlas, Anna Gonzales, Michael
Lu, Arnel Telesforo, Tintin Telesforo, Jon Villasper

Minutes by Mike and Trinket

This bird fest meeting was called by Mike Lu to plan on the work of the committees and assign members to the committees because none of the volunteers signed up for any of the committees. We have decided to assign members to the committees. The club will shoulder airfare and hotel accomodations for members who help in the pre-planning by attending meetings and during the bird festival dates.


1. Mirant Foundation (now called TeaM Energy) and Sulpicio Lines have signed up for festival sponsorship.

2. The Cebu City Mayor's Office offered to host the Welcome Dinnner at the Seafood Restaurant of the Waterfront Hotel on September 20, 2007. The Mayor's office will also provide transportation for the birdwatching activity at the SRP on September 21 and to Olango Island on September 22.

3. WWF-Philippines offered to coordinate with the schools/community and provide for the meals in Olango Island on September 22.

4. Cemex has replied that their company is constrained to sponsor in monetary terms but is still interested to sponsor in kind.

5. No response at all from the Department of Tourism-Cebu Director Dawnie Roa despite repeated calls from Caloy Libosada and follow-up from Louie Palang. Advice not to waste more time on DOT.

6. The souvenir program ad sponsorship was launched at the Anniversary Party on July 14 with full-page ad placements by Jose Cabarrus, Ixi Mapua and Peter & Leni Sutcliffe. Others who have pledged to support the souvenir program include Sudipto Mundle, Nielsen Donato and the Municipality of Candaba.

7. Arnel Telesforo and Jon Villasper visited Cebu on July 7-8 to inspect venue and start planning on the layout of the exhibit booths. WBCP will rent 15 tents sized 3 x 3 as booths for the exhibitors, including WBCP.

8. On the same trip Mike Lu visited the RAFI office to handover the festival posters and festival schedule. RAFI have confirmed their assistance in inviting schools to the festival. Posters were also distributed to Cebu-based WBCP members.

9. WBCP reiterated commitment to WBCP member/photographers Bobby Kintanar and Nilo Arribas to shoulder development and framing costs for 40 photos. Thirty (30) photos will be left with member Bobby Kintanar for use in future exhibits in Cebu and ten (10) photos will be donated to the Olango Island Nature Sanctuary. All photos were taken by Bobby Kintanar and Nilo Arribas on site in Cebu. Festival Committee members have initially selected photos and will decide on the final choice after conferring with the photographers.

10. Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation have submitted write- up for the souvenir program and given the contact details for the Municipality of Alcoy to invite the Siloy dancers to participate in the bird fest.

11. Isla Biodiversity Conservation and Katala Foundation have signed up to join the bird festival.

12. Joy Codilla of Bird's Haven (bird breeder in Cebu) have offered to let WBCP use stuffed birds from his personal collection to help in educating the students. We plan to use the stuffed birds in the Birdwatching Basics program to let students "watch" the birds through a spotting scope.

13. Below are the volunteers and the committee they are assigned to. If you have any objections or suggestions, please contact Trinket privately. If your name does not appear in the list or if you still want to join, contact Trinket or Mike. Lead person for the committee is in BOLD. Please coordinate among yourselves, if you have any questions regarding your committee responsibilities, contact Trinket or Mike.


1. Sponsorship and Finance: *Mike*, Alex T., Tere, Alex L.
2. Venue (Physical Set-up): Arnel, *Jon*, Drew
3. Program (set program details and inform persons concerned, coordinate with performers, lecturers, etc.): Mel, *Alice*, Mark, Lala, Rich
4. Reservations (plane, hotel, transpo): *Ipat*, Lydia
5. Souvenir Program: *Adri* , Trinket, Leni S.
6. Exhibitors (contact exhibitors regarding booth, birdquest, exhibitors hour, logistics): *Anna*, Tintin, Felix, Joel
7. Bohol Trip: Nilo, *Nicky*
8. Press Release (make sure press releases are distributed): * Eric P*., Leni S.


1. Exhibitors: *Tintin*, Joel, Raul P., Noel D., Mike
2. Transportation: Mark and *Ixi*
3. Food: *Mark* and Ixi
4. Reception: *Tere*, Alex, Eric, Lydia, RAFI people
5. WBCP Booth (manning): Tintin, *Trinket*, Leni S., Propjerry, Adri, Alice, Nicky
6. Face-Painting and Coloring: *Rich*, Ann Lim, Mel, Alice's volunteers
7. Program: *Anna*, Nilo
8. Media: Nilo, *Mike*, Lala, Alex L (photographer)
9. Stage (backstage): Arnel, *Jon* , Felix
10. Stage (floor Direction): *Anna*, Drew

Care and First Aid: PropGerry, *Alex T.