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Meeting Minutes # 5
July 28, 2007
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Villa-Real residence

Members : Trinket Canlas, Tere Cervero, Adri Constantino, Lala Espanola, Ann Lim, Mike Lu, Rich Pijuan, Lydia Robledo, Felix Servita, Leni Sutcliffe, Mel Tan, Alex Tiongco, Gerry de Villa, Alice Villa-Real

The meeting was called to organize and get the members of the pre-bird festival committees to start working together.


1. Sponsorship and Finance Committee (represented by Alex, Tere, Mike) targets P 200,000.00 from the souvenir program to cover cost of printing and additional expenses from the bird festival ie transport, photo, tent, etc. Collected P 15,000.00 only, with pledges for P 60,000.00 more. More effort to be exerted in the next few weeks. WBCP will follow-up on RAFI on the number of students who have already signed up, and will check on the Cebu City Mayor's office and WWF-Philippines on their pledge to support the festival. A meeting will be set with CEMEX to explore other non-monetary sources of support. A letter of invitation has been sento to Figaro to Foundation to participate in the festival.

2. Venue Committee (represented by Mike on behalf of absent committee members) will re-layout venue since the tent sizes (3x3) required were out-of-stock. Layout will be due for initial approval by next week so that the tents can be reserved earlier. Tarp designs will be finalized by mid-August. Downpayment for the venue (Arctic Room, Waterfront Hotel) will be paid on Monday.

3. Program Committee (represented by Alice, Mel, Lala, Rich) will go through each of the programs including inviting additional resource speakers, and planning for the Birdquest contest. Will also coordinate with Kaakbay regarding the Philippine Duck Forum.

4. Reservations Committee (represented by Lydia and Mike) announced that the club will shoulder airfare and hotel accomodations of volunteers.

Flight reservations need to be booked in order to avail of the best possible rates offered by the airline companies. The best bargains are with Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines. The following members have reserved their flights accordingly:

Sept 20, 10:00 am - Sept 23, 4:00 pm
Michael Lu
Christine Telesforo
Arnel Telesforo
Alicia Villa-Real
Purificacion Pijuan
Ann Lim
Melanie Tan

Sept. 20, 3:00 pm - Sept 23, 4:00 pm
Ma Katrina Canlas

Sept 20, 10:00 am - Sept 25, 11:00 am
Alex Tiongco
Teresa Cervero
Nicandro Icarangal
Leni Sutcliffe

Sept 20, 3:00 pm - Sept 25, 11:00 am
Adrian Constantino
Felix Servita

* Members flying home on Sept 25 are the ones joining the Bohol trip to be led by Nilo Arribas and Nicky Icarangal.

Members who need to confirm their flight schedule are as follows:
Drew Galano,
Anna Gonzales, Arne Jensen, Joel Jorda, Alex Loinaz, Ixi Mapua, Eric Patdu,
Lydia Robledo, Mark Villa, Gerry de Villa, Jon Villasper, Cel Tungol

Downpayment for the hotel reservations will be paid on Monday, July 30, 2007.

Volunteers who have NOT signed up for the committees are requested to contact Mike Lu at or Trinket Canlas at
Anyone else who wants to volunteer for the birdfestival are requested to contact the club by Monday, July 31 at the latest.

5. Souvenir Program (represented by Trinket, Adri, Leni) have already listed the contents of the souvenir program. Email invitations have been/will be sent to WBCP members to contribute articles for the souvenir program.

6. Exhibitors Committee (represented by Felix) Organizations participating in the festival are as follows: Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), Katala Foundation, Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (CBCF), Center for Environmental Awareness and Conservation (CEAE), Isla Biodiversity Conservation, Kaakbay CDI, Wild Bird Society of Taipei (WBST), Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network (ARRCN), Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST). WBST is sending a high-profile 8-man delegation led by WBST President Liu Thin-by and Executive Director Jiang Rong Kuan. ARRCN is sending Hon. Chairman Lim Kim Chye. BCST is sending Chairman Gawin Chutima and maybe more. The Committee members will follow up on the number of participants attending per organization.

The LGUs of Paranaque City, Malaybalay City and Puerto Princesa City have expressed interest but have not confirmed participation. Festival Committee will follow-up on them next week.

7. Bohol Birdwatching Trip Committee (represented by Mike on behalf of absent committee members) has made a draft itinerary of activities for the 2-day birdwatching in Bohol. 6 birders from the WBST and 5 birders from WBCP (Alex Tiongco, Tere Cervero, Adri Constantino, Felix Servita and Leni Sutcliffe) have signed up for the trip to be led by NIcky Icarangal and Nilo Arribas.

8. Press Release Committee (represented by Leni) will coordinate with contacts in the media to send press release in August and in September. Lydia Robledo have volunteered to write an article for August. The initial press release for the birdfest has appeared on the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Cebu Sun Star. It has also been uploaded on the blog sites of WBCP members, posted on the Birding on section of the Oriental Bird Club and will also be sent to our contacts in the Philippine Star, Bulletin Today and others.

9. The next meeting will be held on a Saturday evening at the residence of Leni Sutcliffe in Westgrove. Exact date will be announced later.