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Lu residence
Meeting Minutes # 5

Members in attendance:
Dennis Buenviaje, Tinggay Cinco, Ruth Francisco, Drew Galano, Anna Gonzales, Paul Guerrero, Alan Ibasco, Jon Javier, Jops Josef, Rose Lacson, Vincent Lao, Mike Lu
Gina Mapua, Karen Ochavo, Jun Osano, Christian Perez, Jessie Severino, Leni Sutcliffe, Tommy Tan, Maia Tanedo, Arnel Telesforo, Tin Telesforo, Jon Villasper

Meeting Minutes # 5


Co-Organizers: Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Tourism, National Parks Development Committee and National Museum of the Philippines
Main sponsor: Team Energy Foundation
Major Sponsor: First Gen Corporation
Minor Sponsor: Villar Foundation, Primer Group/Center for Outdoor Recreation and Expedition
Donor : Nuvali, Manila Water Corporation, Genesis Transport, City of Balanga
No designation yet: Smart Communications
Proposed post-festival trip sponsorship from Cavite Governor: transportation and meals
Souvenir Program total sponsorship amount: P 207,270.00

Birdfest t-shirts already turned over by Primer Group/CORE to WBCP and distributed to volunteers present at the meeting.

Souvenir Program

Follow-up messages from DoT, TEFI, and a few more ads.
Cover page options put to a vote and decided by members in attendance

Visual Arts

Jon Villasper
Ten official bird designs done – Whiskered Tern, Little Egret, Grey Heron, Philippine Duck, Common Moorhen, Black-winged Stilt, Osprey, Barred Rail, Collared Kingfisher, Black-crowned Night-Heron
Stickers to be printed next week
Need text for tarp – Ruth Francisco to help out
Coloring sheets for the ff birds: Collared Kingfisher, Whiskered Tern, Philippine Duck, Common Moorhen and Black-winged Stilt to be printed by Maia Tanedo 
T-shirt – Philippine Duck and Whiskered Tern already available, Osprey and Collared Kingfisher may be printed pending design from Jon
Save the Coastal Lagoon pins to be reprinted

Arnel Telesforo
Tarp announcement measuring 18' x 4' to be designed
Poster including all sponsors' logos to be printed
Booth tarps to be printed
Updated venue layout to include food kiosks and portalets


Foreign conservation orgs:
Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Malaysia Nature Society, Nature Society Singapore, Chengdu Birdwatching Society, Borneo Bird Club, Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Union of Wild Bird Societies of Universities  
Flight details of Borneo Bird Club

Local conservation orgs: Philippine Eagle Foundation, Katala Foundation, WWF-Philippines, Haribon Foundation, Philippine Biodiversity Conservation, Penagmannaki, Isla Biodiversity, Mabuwaya Foundation, Philippine Native Plants Society, Save Freedom Island Movement,  Earth Island Institute
Joni: PENRO Cabagan
Flight details of PEF, PBCFI, Penagmannaki

Ecotourism organizations: Taiwan Ecoturism Association, Gujarat Tourism Opportunity, Sabah Tourism Board, Thai Cycling Club, DOT IX, Municipality of Candaba, City of Balanga, Cavite Provincial Tourism
Delegate name and flight detail: Sabah Tourism Board, DOT IX
Delegate name: Municipality of Candaba, City of Balanga

Sponsors: Nuvali, Smart Communications, Primer
Follow-up if they want to set-up exhibit: TEFI, First Gen, Villar Foundation Manila Water


Delegate kit – canvas bag, t-shirt, souvenir program to incorporate schedule of activities, venue layout plan with list of organizers
Lecture schedule to be printed separately

Logistics Committee

Tentative rooming list sent to hotel.

Guest list for dinners including WBCP members
December 6, Welcome Dinner hosted by DENR at LPPCHEA: 130 pax
December 7, Fellowship Dinner hosted by DoT at Puerta Real: 130 pax
December 8, Farewell Dinner hosted by Primer Group at Rizal Park: 200 pax

Gina Mapua to draft and send out invitations to guests/Club partners

Manila City Hall to provide additional security, traffic aides and first-aid, to be finalized with DoT

Additional security to be hired through Rizal Park security agency

Finalize venue layout with additional tents for exhibitors and food kiosks
Electrical outlet requirements of different exhibitors

Jessie to canvass prices for rentals of tables, chairs and portalets.

Tent set-up and ingress at 2:00 pm December 6 to be overseen by Jessie Severino, Alex Tiongco, Jopps Josef

Lunch Food – Delifood to provide lunch packs to exhibitors. Quotation to be submitted on Tuesday. Delifood will also be allowed to sell meals during the bird fest.

Identification cards will be printed by Mailyn Yangco.

Chary Dino will conduct ocular on Friday, November 23 to propose sounds, lights and tent requirements for the stage area.

Registration booth to be manned by DENR. Jon Javier and Corina Cadavis to assist. Information sheets such as venue layout, schedule of activities including lectures will be provided. Certificates of participation will also be available (to be provided by Mailyn Yangco).

Schools Committee

Invitations have been sent to private and public schools.

St Stephen’s HS will send 360 high school students.
Parochial School of Aranzu 50 high school students
Malayan High School 80 freshmen and 75 sophomores
Colegio de San Agustin to send 20-60 Science club students
More students are expected from St Scholastica's.

Members are encouraged to follow-up on the schools they invited.

Las Pinas, Balanga and Candaba have expressed interest to send students but no definite numbers yet.

Programs Committee
Program Committee will work on Birdquest mechanics, form, birdquest flag with questionnaire, instructions to exhibitors. Birdquest is a game first conducted during the 1st PBF where a student goes around different booths to answer questions and get a stamp on the Birdquest form for every correct answer.

Invitations have been sent to schools if they would like to perform on Saturday
Invitations have also been sent to NGO exhibitors to conduct lectures on stage on Saturday.

Education Committee

Tinggay Cinco and Karen Ochavo will lead education session during the Ibong Dayo Festival in Balanga on December 6

No schedule has been set yet for the main bird ID lectures on both dates. For 7 Dec, the final number of students coming and their arrival times are still uncertain, and there are no scheduled arrivals for 8 Dec.

The following additional members have volunteered to work with the EdCom: Des Cambaliza and Mico Verzon at the small activity booth; Celeste Verzo
(non-member, 7 Dec only), Babie Magadia (7 Dec), and Jon Javier (when he can take time off from duties at the Registration Booth) are volunteers for the main booth.

Prizes: small, practical items like school supplies are recommended. Mike might be able to provide some; Leni will ask the WBCP egroup for donations; Mike authorized the purchase of additional items. WBCP pins and copies of Tinggay's activity book will also be given out as prizes.

Educational material: The 4 tarps on migratory birds will be printed on A4 paper for distribution to teachers. Arnel will produce the layout for this purpose and handle printing. Arnel has also kindly volunteered to handle the printing of the tarps.

SMART will set up tents after lunch on 6 Dec. When the tarps are available from Arnel, Leni can initiate setting up at the EdCom tent on 6 D

National Museum of the Philippines

The Memorandum of Agreement drafted by WBCP months ago and signed by then president Anna Gonzales and re-edited and signed by current president Mike Lu is still under scrutiny by NMP. The initial exhibit plans to put up 2 dioramas has been downgraded to only one wall diorama with an additional bird skins exhibit. WBCP will supply bird photographs. NMP proposed that WBCP shoulder half of the P 220,000.00 construction expense and P 60,000.00 labor expense. WBCP president Mike LU was not able to attend the meeting set-up by the NMP and instead asked for answers to queries such as waiving of entrance fees for students, opening the museum earlier to accommodate visitors, use of the main entrance door instead of the back entrance. NMP opted not to reply and instead sought for a meeting and hinted that exhibit may not push through. WBCP is still hopeful that things can be worked out at this late hour but alternative plans are being considered.

(11/22) Thursday update: The NMP sent an email to say that due to time constraint they cannot set-up the exhibit anymore. An MOA is needed if we would like to use the lecture room otherwise they can rent out the gallery for the lectures at P 100,000.00/day.

(11/23) Friday update: The DoT offered their lectures rooms free of charge. The Friday lectures will be held at the Training Room, Room 202 and the Saturday forums will be held at the Auditorium, Room 404.


All lectures will be moved to Friday and the two forums will be moved to Saturday.
LCD projector and laptop to be provided by WBCP.
Token for lecturers to be provided by Primer Group.

WBCP Booth WBCP Volunteers to be on-hand to answer questions about the club, it’s activities and projects, handout brochures ie Ten reasons, Birdwatching Basics, Just Watch Don’t Catch, handout bird cut outs, and stamp Birdquest forms.

WBCP merchandise to be sold are souvenir program, canvas bag, t-shirt, sticker, pins, calendar. New designs for t-shirts may be considered.


Coloring – Che Patulot, Nina Lim, Jelaine Gan , Anthony Sayson,
Coloring activities will be held continuously.

Origami – Gina Mapua, Mikeli Mapua, Miko Castaneda, Nireka Weeratunge
Origami will be held only on Saturday from 10am-12 noon and 2pm- 4 pm.

Face-painting – Sylvia Ramos, Krees Castaneda, Tina Alejandro
Jon Villasper will provide design guide
Suggested schedule:
Dec 7: 9am - 10am, 11am -12 pm, 3 pm - 4 pm
Dec 8 : 9 am - 11 am, 2 pm - 4 pm

Drawing – Peter Sutcliffe, Nireka Weeratunge, Charo Lim, Leny Ledesma

Birdwatching – Christian Perez, Mark Wallbank, Ruben Bala, Jasmin Meren, Carmela Balcazar
Birdwatching will be held on Dec 7 and Dec 8 morning only from 8am – 11 am.


December 5
Alex Tiongco: pick-up Andrew et al at Resorts World
Set-up registration desk for foreign delegates or handover festival kit to hotel
Ocular of venue and dinner for foreign delegates at Mang Inasal
Nahar Muhammad
Wu Jiawei
He Chengan
Wong Chung Cheong
Willie Foo
Andrew Sebastian
Elena Koshy
Mark Ng
Juan Ching Sung
Tu Hsiu Liang
Mo Chung Yung
Traceylin Jupili
*Delegate Sabah TB

December 6, 2012

List of WBCP members going to Balanga:
Rose Lacson
Mike Lu
Tommy Tan
Mark Wallbank
Juan Mesquida, Tinggay Cinco, Karen Ochavo

Foreign delegates going to Balanga:

Wild Bird Society of Taipei: Juan Ching Sung, Tu Hsiu Liang, Mo Chung Yung
Malaysia Nature Society: Andrew Sebastian, Elena Koshy, Mark Ng
Nature Society Singapore: Willie Foo, Wong Chung Cheong
Chengdu Birdwatching Society: Wu Jia Wei, He Chengan
Borneo Bird Club:
Union of Wild Bird Societies of Universities: Lee Kee San
Taiwan Ecotourism Association: Victor Yu
Gujarat Tourism Opportunity: Nahar Muhammad
Sabah Tourism Board: Tracelyn Jupili,
Thai Cycling Club: Gawin Chutima
Peter Widman (Katala Foundation)
Indira Widman (Katala Foundation)
Jewilyn Soquerate (Katala Foundation)

Genesis providing 2 buses with hotel pick-up at 6:30 am
Mayor providing 100 meals
0600 breakfast
0630 depart for Balanga
0900 Arrive in Balanga
Program to start at 9:00 am   
1000-1030 Lecture for grade school
1030-1100 Lecture for high school
1100-1130 Lecture for college students
1330 Depart for Manila
1630 2 Buses to LPPCHEA local delegate
1700 2 buses to LPPCHEA foreign delegate

Manila Pavilion: Registration for local delegate
Inform delegates that we assemblying at 4:15 pm, point person ?

Teodoro Valencia Circle: Tent set up at venue, point person ?

December 7, 2012

Merchandise delivery – souvenir program, club merchandise
Absolute Water
Distribute Birdquest forms
Lunch c/o Deli Food

Dinner at Puerta Real
E-jeepneys to start ferrying guests at 6:30 pm

December 8, 2012

0530 Depart for Coastal Lagoon
0600 Arrive
0700 Return to hotel
0730 Breakfast
0830 Bird fest starts

Merchandise delivery – souvenir program, club merchandise
Absolute Water
Distribute Birdquest forms
Lunch c/o Deli Food

Dinner at Teodoro Valencia Circle at 7:00 pm
Guestlist for 200 pax
Program c/o WBCP

Palay-Palay participants

0430 Depart from Hotel
Hotel to provide packed breakfast
0600 Birdwatching
1100 Lunch at Marine Base
1500 Return to Manila

Victor Yu (Taiwan Ecotourism Association)
Adiran Migiu (Borneo Bird Club)
Kenneth Tizon (Borneo Bird Club)
Peter Widman (Katala Foundation)
Indira Widman (Katala Foundation)
Roy Velez (Save Freedom Island)
Glacy Macabale (Save Freedom Island)
Trixie Cruz (Earth Island Institute)
Ella Colmenares (Earth Island Institute)

WBCP members:
Ed Cadavis
Corina Cadavis
Paul Guerrero
Mike Lu
Tom O’Dell
Che Patulot
Homer Patulot
Chee Anne Rono
Marco Rono
Leni Sutcliffe
Peter Sutcliffe
Mailyn Yangco