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8th Philippine Bird Festival Manila Bay Villa-Real Residence, Quezon City
Meeting Minutes # 4

October 27, 2012

Members in attendance:

Members in attendance: Chary Dino, Paul Guerrero, Maan Guzman, Mike Lu, Gina Mapua, Ixi Mapua, Tom O’Dell, Karen Ochavo, Jun Osano, Jessie Severino, Mel Tan, Tommy Tan, Maia Tanedo, Arnel Telesforo, Tintin Telesforo, Alice Villa-Real, Mailyn Yangco

Meeting Minutes:

  1. An inter-agency meeting (DENR, DOT, & National Parks Development Committee) was held on October 23, 2012 at the DOT office in Rizal Park.  Members conducted an ocular inspection of the festival venue and discussed matters related to the preparations of the festival.
  1. Sponsorship Committee – Henry So (Henry was not present so Tommy reported on his behalf)

Team Energy c/o Ricky de Castro – main sponsor
First Gen Corporation c/o Ralf Nabong – major sponsor
Villa Foundation c/o Mike Lu – minor sponsor
Nuvali c/o Anna Gonzales – donor
Manila Water Corporation c/o Karen Ochavo – donor

Souvenir ad campaign total is Php 196,250.00, just a few thousand shy of our target of Php 200k to break even.

  1. Delegates Committee

Foreign Organizations – Tere Cervero is out of the country but sent this update on the number of delegates coming from each organization:
Chinese Wild Bird Federation – 2
Wild Bird Society of Taipei - 3
Nature Society of Singapore – 2
Chengdu Birdwatching Society - 2
Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network - 2
Union of Wild Bird Societies of Universities – 2
Taiwan Ecotourism Association - 1
Gujarat Tourism Opportunity – 1
Sabah Tourism Board - 1
Confirmed but no delegate forms yet:
Xiamen Birdwatching Society
Bird Conservation Society of Thailand
Malaysia Nature Society
Borneo Bird Club
Thailand Cycling Club

Local Organizations – Chee Anne is out of the country but sent this update:
Philippine Eagle Foundation – 2
Katala Foundation – 3
Haribon Foundation - 2
Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society - 2
Mabuwaya Foundation - 2

Confirmed but no delegate forms yet:
Save Freedom Island Movement
Earth Island Institute  
Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation
Municipality of Candaba
City of Balanga

  1. Visual Arts and Design

  2. Arnel has designed a header for FB that needs a little editing . We encourage everyone to upload on their FB page and blog sites.

    Arnel will also conduct an ocular of the venue on November 2 to plan the tent layout. Tent layout needs to be presented during inter-agency meeting on November 8 in Cavite.

    Jon Villasper designed t-shirts and canvas bags which were already sold at the Borneo Bird Fest and the Taipei International Birdwatching Fair and soon at the 3rd Asian Bird Fair in Thailand.

    Alain Pascua sent photos to DENR for slideshow video.

    Jun Osano has identified several photos for the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” slogan to be used for the PBF. DoT-NCR will help us with the layout. Photos were contributions from Irene Dy, Tonji Ramos and Jun Osano.
  1. Souvenir Program – Jops, Maia, Trinket, Adri

  2. Follow-up on messages from DOT, DENR, NPDC, WBCP, TEFI.

    Articles will also be taken from the eBON newsletter.

    News From the Field will be written by Mark Villa using the chart sent by Arne Jensen.  
  1. Logistics – Jessie

  2. Smart Communications will provide tents - 44 pcs of 8’ x 8’ and 20 pcs of 12’x12’.

    DoT-NCR will course through the Manila City Hall the need for portalets, tables and chairs, traffic aides, 24 hour security, and bus for public schools.

    National Parks Development Committee requested for overtime pay (P10,000.00) for their employees for setting up and clean-up.  

    Hotel room assignments to be handled by Mailyn Yangco. Committee leaders and members are asked to inform Mailyn if they intend to stay at the hotel.
  1. Schools – Jon Javier

  2. The Department of Education in Manila has already endorsed the PBF.

    Letters will be emailed to different members with attached schedule of activities including lectures, NMP information (i.e. entrance fees and exhibits)
  1. Schedule of Activities

  2. December 1-2:
    National Parks Development Committee has offered 1-1/2 hours airtime at the Rizal Park open air auditorium after the Concert at the Park. 

    December 5:
    Arrival of foreign delegates
    Dinner with foreign delegates

    December 6:
    Trip to Balanga for foreign delegates
    Arrival and check-in of local delegates
    Welcome Dinner at LPPCHEA sponsored by DENR

    December 7:
    Festival proper
    Fellowship Dinner at Puerta Real gardens sponsored by DoT

    December 8:
    Festival proper
    Farewell Dinner at Teodoro Valencia Circle sponsored by Primer Group

    December 9:
    Palay-Palay Trip for local delegates

  1. Program Committee – Anna Gonzales

  2. We will conduct the Birdquest game that was the highlight of the 1st and 2nd Philippine bird festivals.  Each student will be given a piece of paper with a set number of boxes. Students will go around the booths to answer questions based on the exhibits in each booth. For every correct answer, the exhibitor will stamp one box. After an hour, the students will go back to the stage area and answer questions from the host.
    Karen Ochavo volunteered to make the stamps on behalf of the exhibitors.
    Conservation NGOs will be allowed to hold 15-30 minute programs on Saturday.
    Schools will be encouraged to hold performances onstage.

    December 7, Friday:
    0800-1000 Grades 3 and 4 students
    1000-1100 Grades 5 and 6 students
    1330-1600 High School students

  1. Lectures – Tintin Telesforo, Joni Acay, Nikdye Realubit

  2. Lectures will be held at the Museum of the Filipino People (National Museum of the Philippines), adjacent to the Teodoro Valencia Circle.

    December 7, Friday

    0800-0900 Philippine Cockatoo by Peter Widman, Katala Foundation

    Bird Migration by Gofrey Jakosalem, Philippine Biodiversity

    1000-1100 New Philippine Owls by Lisa Paguntalan, Philippine Biodiversity
    1100-1200 Philippine Crocodile by Marites Balbas, Mabuwaya Foundation
    1200-1300 Shorts*
    1300-1400 Green Living (Gawin Chutima, Thai Cycling Club) 
    1400-1600 Ecotourism forum (Taiwan Ecotourism Association, Sabah Tourism Board, Gujarat Tourism Opportunity, Caloy Libosada with Carmela Balcazar as moderator)

    December 8, Saturday

    0800-0900 Marine diversity of Manila Bay (c/o National Museum)

    Plants of the beach forest (Anthony Arbias, Philippine Native Plants)


    Ecosystem and bird diversity in Manila Bay (Nikdye Realubit, WBCP)

    1100-1200 Birds of LPPCHEA (Mark Jason Villa, WBCP)
    1200-1300 Shorts*
    1300-1400 To be announced
    1400-1600 Bird strikes and reclamation forum (Moderator, TBA; Resource persons: Rey Aguinaldo, WBCP reps, TBA)

    *Shorts refer to content we will show to fill empty time slots or in case of last-minute cancellations

    Slideshow: Crocodile conservation (c/o Willem)
    Video: Bats (c/o Willem)
    Video: Parrots (c/o Joni)
    Video: Birds (c/o Mike) Avian Archipelago, 7th PBF-Dumaguete
    PechaKucha: Isabela Oriole (c/o Joni)
    PechaKucha: Bird coloration (c/o Arnel)

  1. National Museum exhibit – Ruth Francisco

  2. The NMP and WBCP will come up with an exhibit to feature wetland birds found in Manila Bay.  WBCP members will provide photos of birds.  Costing still being worked out by the museum.

  1. Education Committee – Leni Sutcliffe
  2. Tinggay Cinco is in-charge of the educational activities during the Ibong Dayo festival.
    The script for the mini-lectures is being finalized and will be revised to suit the target audience (grade school and high school and possibly younger kids)
    Side booth by Maia Tanedo and Karen Ochavo (puppets and scopes)

  1. Face-painting - Face-painting activities will be incorporated into the WBCP booth.
  1. Origami - Ixi Mapua will come up with a schedule for the origami activities..
  1. Drawing - Drawing activities will be headed by Peter Sutcliffe.
  1. Coloring - Coloring sheets still being designed by Jon Villasper

  1. Birdwatching

    Birdwatching sessions will be held on the morning of both days (December 7 and 8) at the LPPCHEA.  DENR to set up tents and WBCP guides will set up scopes.  Schools will be invited to register for this activity. 
    Mark Wallbank, Christian Perez and Ruben Bala have been assigned to lead this activity.  One or more members may still be needed.


    November 8. Inter-agency bird festival meeting will be held in Cavite with Governor Remulla. WBCP tasked to present venue layout and guest list to DENR and DOT.