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8th Philippine Bird Festival
Meeting Minutes # 2

June 21, 2012

Members in Attendance

Meeting Minutes:

  1. DOT and DENR picked the theme: Birdwatching is more fun in Manila Bay.

WBCP consensus: Birds have more fun in Manila Bay – to make the theme shorter and more catchy.  WBCP to try and find a representative photo of one bird per province that encompasses Manila Bay. 

  1. Sponsorship Committee – Henry So
    • Festival Sponsorship Package has already been announced on the egroup.  The updated schedule for dinner sponsorship are as follows:
    • December 6 - Dept of Environment & Natural Resources
    • December 7 - Dept of Tourism
    • December 8 – Center for Outdoor Recreation and Exploration(CORE)/Columbia 
    • CORE/Columbia is providing  250 t-shirts and 20 tokens for lecturers
    • Souvenir Program Ad sponsorship has already been announced on the egroup and members have started pledging  
    • SMART Communications has pledged sponsorship of 12 tents (4x4) to be used as follows: Registration/First aid (2), WBCP booth (2), Education tent (4), coloring (1), face-painting (1), drawing (1), origami (1)

  2. Souvenir Program
    • DENR will provide congratulatory message with photo from Sec Paje
    • DOT will provide congratulatory message with photo from Sec Jimenez
    • DENR and DOT to provide an article with photos about their ecotourism projects
    • Manila Bay Coordinating Office to provide an article with photos about their projects
    • DOT-NCR will provide congratulatory message with photo from Mayor Lim
    • WBCP to provide congratulatory message from Mayor Joet Garcia
    • Call for members to submit articles

  3. Technical/Visual Arts – Jon Villasper, Arnel Telesforo
    • Jon Villasper has come up with 2 t-shirt designs for initial fund-raising. The shirts will be sold at the Club anniversary on July 14and will be sold during the bird festivals abroad.  
    • Arnel Telesforo came up with car sticker design
    • MOA with the National Museum of the Philippines will be finalized by Anna Gonzales
    • Manila Bay Coordinating Office requests for formal letter for estimated cost, target audience and exhibit concept for the proposed museum exhibit

  4. Delegates Committee – Tere Cervero, Chee Anne Rono, Mailyn Yangco
    • Foreign organizations that have confirmed participation are Taiwan Ecotourism Association, Nature Society of Singapore, Malaysian Nature society, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand and Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Chengdu Birdwatching Society
    • Invitations to local delegates will be sent out in July

  5. Logistics Committee – Jessie Severino
    • Official hotel – Manila Pavilion
    • Venue - security, first-aid, portalets c/o City Hall
    • Triplex tents  3m x 3m @ P 600.00/day
    • Baliuag Transit @ P 13,000.00/day inclusive of gas except parking fees
    • Tables, chairs may be provided by DOT-NCR
    • Look into stage set-up and ocular inspection of venue to plan layout

  6. Programs – Anna Gonzales
    • Mayor Joet requested to schedule the visit to the Balanga Wetland Park on December 6 (Thursday) instead of December 9 (Sunday) in order for more schools to participate
    • Program proper
    • Cultural programs from schools

  7. Education Committee Leni Sutcliffe
    • Tinggay Cinco is working on an activity booklet for kids

  8. Lectures and Conservation Forum – Tintin Telesforo/Nikdye Realubit
    • to prepare schedule of lectures including allotted time
    • set topics and invite lecturers
    • invite schools based on the venue capacity after the NMP sets the venue
    • include film-showing during the lull times

  9. Documentation – Jun Osano

  10. PR Committee c/o DENR and DOT

  11. Registration desk c/o DENR

  12. Food Committee

  13. Birdwatching Trips Committee
    • Birding Adventure Philippines c/o Nicky Icarangal will come up with a proposal

Other matters:

1. Get in touch with Museum Volunteers of the Philippines