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Meeting Minutes 3

July 18, 2009
Villa-Real residence, Quezon City
8:30 pm – 10:00 pm

James Asprer
Trinket Canlas
Adrian Constantino
Lala Espanola
Nena Espanola
Anna Gonzales
Alex Loinaz
Mike Lu
Ixi Mapua
Jasmin Meren
Jun Osano
Rich Pijuan
Felix Servita
Ely Teehankee
Arnel Telesforo
Tintin Telesforo
Cel Tungol
Mark Villa
Alice Villa-Real
Jon Villasper

Meeting Minutes

1. For October 9 (Friday), it was suggested that the early morning dedication ceremony at the Balanga Nature and Wetland Park be moved to the morning of October 10, Saturday pending approval of Balanga LGU. The festival committee thinks it might be very taxing for the volunteers to wake up early and preside over a whole day of festivities.

2. Sponsorship Committee – Felix Servita

Genesis Transport, through Festival vice-chair Rudy de Mesa, has signed up as a sponsor by providing transport needs of the delegates from Manila-Balanga-Manila and within Bataan

Paid ads: Val Toral – full page
Tina and Wency Mallari – front inside cover

Sponsorship Committee will follow-up on other pledges. Announcement will be made after pledges have been paid.

3. Souvenir Program Committee – Trinket Canlas and Adrian Constantino

The festival souvenir program features articles about birds and birdwatching in the festival site including a 2-page spread featuring birds found in the province. It also features WBCP activities and other highlight stories.

The cost for printing a souvenir program with 4-page color spread is P 212.00/pc.
We plan to print P 500 copies, for which the total cost is P 106,000.00. Last year, we were able to solicit P 150,000.00 and hope to match last year’s amount.

The collection this year has been very low with amount received including pledges totaling only P37,000.00 with barely 3 months to go. WBCP members will be asked to support this worthy project.
4. Exhibitors Committee – Mark Villa and Cel Tungol

Local organizations:
Confirmed: WWF-Philippines, Philippine Eagle Foundation, Katala Foundation, Isla Biodiversity and Conservation
Pending: Birdwatch Palawan, Cebu Biodiversity and Conservation Foundation, Cebu Ornithological Society, DOT Region 3, Candaba LGU

Foreign organizations:
Confirmed: Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Nature Society Singapore, Wild Bird Society of Japan, Hong Kong Birdwatching Society
Pending: Malaysia Nature Society, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Korea Wild Bird Society, Delhi Birds, Chengdu Birdwatching Society, Xiamen Birdwatching Society, etc.
Declinations: Asian Raptor and Research Conservation Network, Nature Photographic Society (Singapore), Borneo Bird Club

There are 26 tents available. Twelve tents have already been reserved for the above organizations including sponsors.

5. Venue and Exhibit Committee – Chary Dino, Jon Villasper, & Arnel Telesforo

Arnel will design the poster, and booth tarp. Hi-res logos of new participating orgs ie WBSJ, HKBWS will be forwarded to him by Mark and Cel.

Columbia has offered to print festival t-shirt. Arnel to forward t-shirt design to Dino de Leon of Columbia.

Arnel will also draft design for Genesis Transport. The design is given to Genesis free-of-charge and will be coursed through Rudy de Mesa.

Jon Villasper will submit designs for 12 birds to be used for tarps, stickers and coloring sheets.

Committee members to set a date to visit Balanga and coordinate with vice-chair Rudy de Mesa regarding additional venue lighting, sound system and video requirements.

6. Programs Committee – Anna Gonzales & Alice Villa-Real

Proposed 30-minute lecture per session only. For high school and grades 4-6, Alice Villa-Real will conduct a 15-minute birdwatching basics lecture and Lala Espanola will conduct a 15-minute lecture on migratory birds. For grades 1-3, Alice Villa-Real to conduct 15-minute lecture on birdwatching and WWF-Philippines will conduct a 15-minute lecture on marine mammals.

7. Logistics Committee – Ixi Mapua

Rich Pijuan, Jon Villasper and Mark Villa have signed up to join this committee that will look into transport needs and accommodation needs of the delegates.

Vice-chair Rudy de Mesa has sent price quotation for Crown Royale Hotel and Hillside Hotel. Our priority booking is at Crown Royale as it is right beside the festival venue.

The committee suggested blocking off all 32 de luxe rooms of the Crown Royale Hotel for the festival dates.