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Meeting Minute 2

June 13, 2009

Gloria-Jeans Café, Fort Bonifacio
8:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Trinket Canlas
Adri Constantino
Anna Gonzales
Mike Lu
Ixi Mapua
Felix Servita
Arnel Telesforo
Cherie Villasper
Jon Villasper

Meeting Minutes

1. Updated schedule of activities as follows:

October 7 - Wednesday
Arrival of delegates
Welcome Dinner sponsored by DOT and ROX/Columbia
Book launching will not be part of the program
Venue will be the Rajah Sulayman Theater in Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila

October 8 - Thursday
Depart for Balanga
Lunch at Joyous Restaurant/Check-in Crown Royale hotel
Ingress/Bird Conservation Forum for locals
Optional birdwatching trip
Welcome Dinner by City mayor at Lou-is Resort and Restaurant

October 9- Friday
0515-0530 Depart for Tortugas Wetland Park
0530-0645 Dedication Ceremony and breakfast at wetland park
0645-0700 Depart for City Hall
0700-0800 Street dancing from City Hall to People’s Center, Capitol grounds
0800-0930 Viewing of exhibits
0930-1000 Opening Ceremonies
1000-1030 Lecture for high school students
1030-1130 Games
1130-1200 My Zoo
1200-1330 Lunchbreak
1330-1430 Viewing of exhibits
1430-1500 Lecture for Grade 4-6 students
1500-1600 Games
1600-1630 My Zoo
Festival ends for the day
1900-2200 Dinner (details to be announced later)

0830-1000 Viewing of exhibits/coloring/face-painting
1000- lecture
1030-1100 My Zoo
1100-1130 Closing 1030 October 10- Saturday
WWF & WBCP Ceremonies
1130-1200 Egress
1200 Lunch
Other details to be announced later

*Lectures for high school students/college students will be held at hall behind the venue on the afternoon of Oct 9 and the morning of Oct 10. Details to be announced later.

2. Sponsorship Committee – Felix Servita

Team Energy Foundation have confirmed interest to be main sponsor.

Souvenir program ads as follows:
Inside front cover – P 8000.00
Inside back cover – P 8000.00
Full page – P 5000.00
Half page – P 3000.00
Quarter page – P 2000.00
Patron (one line) – P 1000.00

Paid ads:
James & Natalie McCarthy – full page
Tonji & Sylvia Ramos – full page

3. Souvenir Program – Trinket Canlas

Some suggested articles:
Introduction to birds of the Philippines – Aldrin Mallari
Bataan National Park – Arne Jensen
Worcester’s Buttonquail – Des Allen

Trinket will send personal emails to solicit articles. Volunteer writers welcome.

4. Venue Committee

Exhibit booths will be set up on the capitol grounds and not inside the venue.
The Bataan Provincial Government will provide 26 tents sized 3m x 4m
One tent can be shared by two organizations depending on their requirements.

Festival committee need to look into the availability of the following requirements:
Speaker system, additional lights, LCD projector with closed circuit monitor
Consult with festival co-chair Rudy de Mesa and member Chary Dino

5. Exhibitors Committee – Mark Villa and Cel Tungol

Mark Villa will handle to foreign delegates. He has sent out invitations to bird clubs in the region. The Wild Bird Society of Taipei has confirmed participation.

Cel Tungol will handle the local delegates. World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines), Katala (Philippine Cockatoo) Foundation and Philippine Eagle Foundation have confirmed participation.

6. Logistics Committee – Ixi Mapua

Will handle transfer and hotel accommodations.