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Meeting Minutes #5

August 2, 2008
Saturday, 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Trinket Canlas, Tere Cervero, Adri Constantino, Lala Espanola, Anna Gonzales, Jhoel Jorda, Mike Lu, Rich Pijuan, Lydia Robledo, Felix Servita, Arnel Telesforo, Tintin Telesforo, Alex Tiongco, Alice Villa-Real, Jon Villasper

Meeting was called on short notice to committee leaders only


1. Festival sponsors (updated list): Team Energy Foundation (TEF), Department of Tourism (DOT), Puerto Princesa City (PPC) and Aigle/ROX. Only TEF has handed over pledged sponsorship. DOT, PPC and Aigle/ROX are sponsoring in kind.

2. AIGLE/ROX sponsored media launch on July 31 at the ROX.

2. Landco Pacific, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation and Manila Southwoods have yet to hand over pledged sponsorship. Committee to follow-up.

3. Souvenir program ad sponsorship. Received sponsorship at P 48,000.00 and pledged sponsorship at P 51,000.00 for a total P 101,000.00. Committee to post detailed breakdown of souvenir ad sponsorship and will encourage more members to contribute. Committee to follow-up on pledges.

4. Palawan-based organizations Katala Foundation and Birdwatch Palawan (BWP) are co-hosting the festival.

5. Katala Foundation will sponsor a trip for ten to Rasa Island on September 14. BWP will be in-charge of inviting school children to the event and providing other logistical support.


1. Official list of exhibitors are Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, Katala Foundation, Birdwatch Palawan, WWF-Philippines, Conservation International, Isla Biodiversity Conservation, Cebu Biodivdersity Conservation Foundation, Tubbataha Reef marine Natural Park Office, Philippine BUtterfly Habitat Conservation Society, My Zoo Foundation, Birding Adventure Philippines, Art Thrive, Team Energy Foundation, Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Xiamen Birdwatching Society, Nature Photographic Society (Singapore),

2.Exhibitors with pending status are Municipality of Narra (c/o Katala Foundation), Municipality of Taytay (c/o Mavic Matillano), NFEFI (c/o Rainier Manalo), Tropical Disease Foundation (c/o Chary Dino), Delhi Birds (c/o Sudipto Mundle), Nature Society of Singapore (c/o Mike Lu)

3. Exhibitors that have sent regrets: Philippine Eagle Foundation, Malaysian Nature Society, Hong Kong Birdwatching Society, Wild Bird Society of Japan.

4. All exhibitors will be asked to confirm participation by August 13, 2008.

RESERVATIONS - Lydia Robledo & Mike Lu

1. Air tickets for committee volunteers totalled P 90,317.00. Amount has been tentatively shouldered by Helly Asoy and Mike Lu.

2. All WBCP-sponsored delegates will be booked at the Asturias Hotel.

3. DOT-sponsored delegates (ten rooms for foreign delegates only) will be booked at the Legend Hotel.

4. There are no tourist buses or coasters for rent in the whole province of Palawan. Mayor Ed Hagedorn offered delegates use of city-owned airconditioned tourist bus for WBCP delegates.

5. DOT will provide 2 vans for foreign delegates for use during festival dates, Sept 11, 12 and four vans for use on Sept 13 trip to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

6. IN case there is a an increase in delegates, van rentals are priced at the following:

- P 1500.00 for first 3 hours plus P 300.00 for every hour thereafter, or P 3500.00 for the whole day within city limits
- P 3500.00 for round-trip transfers to Sabang (Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park)

SOUVENIR PROGRAM - Trinket Canlas & Adri Constantino

1. Pending articles include messge from DOT (c/o Caloy Libosada), message from festival co-chair (Melissa Macasaet), artilces from lala espanola, Arne Jensen and Aldrin Mallari. Jon Villasper offered to do an activity page for kids. Articles have to be submitted as soon as possible as we need time for layouting and printing.

2. Suggested that a page for sponsors be included.

3. Printing costs for 500 copies of the souvenir program is P 120.00 for 60 pages. We normally use up 70+ pages.

4. Sponsorship Committee to follow-up on ad designs and Exhibitor Committee to follow-up on logos of participating organizations.

VENUE/EXHIBITS COMMITTEE - Jon Villasper & Arnel Telesforo

1. Birdwatch Palawan gave a quote of P 15,000.00 for 18 booths. Since there is an increase of participating organizations, it was suggested that 25 booths be prepared.

2. WBCP committed to sponsor developing and framing of 20 photos to be picked from the collection of BWP members. Framing and developing costs is estimated at P 400.00.

3. WBCP president in his visit to Puerto Princesa met with BWP president Rainier Manalo and handed a cheque for the booth (P20,000.00) + photo developing and framing (P 350.00 + P 50.00 = P 400.00 x 20 = P 8000.00) for a total amount of P 28,000.00.

4. Coliseum administrator informed us September 11 is reserved for festival ingress and September 12 will be the main festival. Since there will be an international boxing event on Saturday, Sept 13, we have agreed to end the festival at 5:00 pm or earlier.

5. Arnel Telesforo will design the poster, banner, and individual booth banner. Logos for participating organizations must be submitted by August 7 for poster and banner printing. Posters and banners will be sent to Puerto Princesa for distribution by Katala and BWP.

6. Arnel Telesforo will design the official festival shirt. All participating delegates will get one shirt.

7. Jon VIllasper have designed 9 new informative Palawan bird tarps. These were used during the festival media launch and will be on diplay at the ROX for the whole month of August. He will design 3 more tarps.

8. Jon Villasper will also design coloring sheets and stickers based on the above Palawan bird designs.

9. Art Thrive will handle the face-painting corner. WBCP to provide face-painting materials.


September 10 (Wednesday)
1. ARRCN delegates arrive in Manila. DOT will look for hotels willing to host them for one night.

September 11 (Thursday)
1. Festival delegates start arriving in Puerto Princesa.
2. Aldrin Mallari to head Bird Conservation Forum with Ronald Altamirano and Lala Espanola with consultation with BWP from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Venue and meals to be shouldered by WBCP.
3. WBCP members will meet simultaneously with ARRCN delegates to discuss means to promote raptor migration monitoring in the Philippines.
4. It was suggested that both meetings be held close to each other.
5. Festival venue ingress and layout of booths.
6. Welcome Dinner by Mayor Ed Hagedorn at 7:00 pm at a venue to be announced later, most probably at the Asturias.
7. All participating organizations will be asked to give a short talk

September 12 (Friday)
1. Proposed program as follows:

Festival proper
0800-0900 Opening ceremonies
0900-0920 Katala Foundation: "Sharing a Place to Live"
0920-0940 WWF-Philippine: "An Island for Birds and Turtles"
0940-1100 Birdquest
1100-1120 My Zoo Foundation: "Paglaya sa Munting Hawla"
1120-1140 Birdwatch Palawan
1140-1200 Free time
1200-1330 Lunch break
1330-1350 WWF-Philippines: "An Island for Birds and Turtles"
1350-1410 Katala Foundation: "Sharing a Place to Live"
1410-1600 Birdquest
1600-1620 Birdwatch Palawan
1620-1640 My Zoo Foundation: "Paglaya sa Munting Hawla"
1500 Festival ends

2. 20-minute slots for different NGOs should be educational lectures which are interactive with audience participation. presentors are encouraged to include games, Q & A.

3. Committee to ask lecturers to submit a 2-3 sentence description of the activity. Birdwatch Palawan has yet to submit title of activity.

4. Fellowship dinner to be hosted by the ROX. Handing over of tokens of appreciation to sponsors.

September 13 (Saturday)

1. Three day trips planned simultaneously to be headed by Nicky (start of 5 day optional birding trip), Aldrin Mallari (trip for delegates to PP Subterranean River National Park), and Alice Villa-Real (guided trip to Iwahig and Palawan Wildlife Rescue Center).

2. Nicky Icarangal's group will visit Balsahan Trail in Iwahig and islands in Honda Bay. They will return to PP City for the Farewell Dinner before continuing their trip.

3. Aldrin Mallari will lead delegates to PP Subterranean River National Park. DOT will provide 4 vans, additonal vans charges for delegates to be shouldered by WBCP. Aldrin Mallari to quote and arrange boat trips and meals for the day trip.

4. Alice Villa-Real will lead a group of 30 Science teachers on a half-day guided trip to the open fields of Iwahig Penal Colony and the Palawan Rescue Center. She will be assisted by WBCP and BWP members. After lunch the WBCP and BWP members will proceed to the Macasaet Farm for birdwatching.

5. Farewell Dinner to be hoisted by the DOT at the Badjao Restaurant.

September 14 (Sunday)

1. Delegates start departing.
2. Optional trip to Rasa Island sponsored by Katala Foundation for ten persons only. WBCp will sponsor another ten volunteers.


1. Festival date September 12, morning session geared or high school students and afternoon session geared for grade school students.

2. WBCP is targetting 800-1000 students per session.

3. BWP is in charge of inviting the students.

4. Gerry Ortega of Bantay Kalikasan has offered to help invite students and has been asked to coordinate with BWP.

5. BWP suggested that participating students be given drinks and snacks. WBCP will consider the suggestion but aware of the manpower required to distribute the goods and costs involved for so many students. A minimum P10.00 snack with drink for 2000 students will easily translate to P 20,000.00 additional cost.