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Meeting Minutes # 4

Villa-Real residence
July 19, 2008
9:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Members present:
Kitty Arce-Aspellin
Mads Aspellin
Trinket Canlas
Tere Cervero
Adrian Constantino
Lala Espanola
Dius de Jesus
Jhoel Jorda
Mike Lu
Jasmin Meren
Rich Pijuan
Felix Servita
Arnel Telesforo
Tintin Telesforo
Alex Tiongco
Alice Villa-Real


Chair Alice Villa-Real presided over the meeting with reports from Committee heads as follows:

Sponsorship Committee – Felix Servita

- Landco Pacific pledged to be a Donor
- sponsorship letters have been sent, waiting response from Southwoods Golf Club (c/o Mike Lu), Shell Foundation (c/o Ricky de Castro) and Aboitiz (c/o Alex Tiongco), Ayala Land (c/o Leni Sutcliffe/Manny Illana)
- souvenir ads payment received from Ixi Mapua, Tina Mallari, C. K. Lu Enterprises, Papemelroti, and Tabucol Sanctuary
- committee members to follow-up on pledges and ask support from members
- Birdwatch Palawan lobbied for co-hosting festival
- Other co-hosts are Department of Tourism, Puerto Princesa City, Katala Foundation

Reservations Committee – Lydia Robledo & Mike Lu
- Plane tickets booked, flight schedules reconfirmed with members
- WBCP will shoulder lodging accommodations at the Asturias Hotel for WBCP volunteers and delegates of participating organizations outside Palawan
- Asturias Hotel will provide roundtrip airport transfers. Delegates are asked to submit flight details asap
- Included in room rates are welcome drink, buffet breakfast, use of pool and jacuzzi
- The Department of Tourism will shoulder lodging accommodations for foreign delegates

Exhibitors Committee – Jhoel Jorda

- confirmed local organizations as follows Birdwatch Palawan, Katala Foundation, Isla Biodiversity Conservation, Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, WWF-Philippines, My Zoo Foundation, Philippine Butterfly Habitat Conservation Society
- confirmed foreign organizations as follows: Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Nature Photographic Society (Singapore)
- total confirmed exhibitors including Team Energy Foundation and WBCP is 14 exhibitors
- invitations sent to following organizations but yet unconfirmed: Hong Kong Birdwatching Society, Malaysian nature Society, Delhi Birds, Xiamen Birdwatching Society, Philippine Eagle Foundation, Conservation International, Bantay Kaliksan, Tubbataha Reef Marine Natural Park Office, Palawan Wildlife Rescue Center

Souvenir Program – Trinket Canlas
- only write-up from the Katala Foundation received
- follow-up on the message from Sec Durano (c/o Caloy Libosada), festival chairs Melissa Macasaet & Alice Villa-Real, Mike Lu, Mayor Hagedorn (c/o Melissa Macasaet), Team Energy Foundation (c/o Ricky de Castro)
- other suggested articles are butterfly and bird gardening (c/o Lydia Robledo), Adventure Philippines (c/o ROX), Honeypot report (c/o Anna Gonzales)
- follow-up logos from participating orgs ie My Zoo, Philippine Butterfly, Birdwatch Palawan, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Nature Photographic Society (Singapore), Team Energy Foundation

Venue/Exhibits – Jon Villasper & Arnel Telesforo

- Festival will be held inside the Puerto Princesa Coliseum. The venue is air-conditioned.
- Stage measures 15m x 5m
- Birdwatch Palawan (BWP) suggested booths made of native materials measuring 2m x 3m. Jon Villasper to do layout to accommodate more booths for environmental organizations particularly Palawan-based NGOs.
- WBCP will shoulder costs of developing and framing bird photos from the collection of Katala Foundation/BWP. The photos will be used in the festival and will be handed over to Katala Foundation/BWP for use in exhibits and outreach programs
- Jon Villasper designed 9 new Palawan bird tarps and will create 3 more. These tarps will be handed over to Katala Foundation/BWP for use in exhibits and outreach programs
- Bird tarp designs will also be made into coloring sheets for use during the bird festival. These coloring sheets will also be provided to Katala Foundation/BWP for their use after the festival.
- Arnel Telesforo used the Palawan Peacock Pheasant to create the logo of the bird festival. He will also design the festival poster and banners. Pending submission of logos of participating organizations, the tentative target date for printing these materials is the first week of August.
- Yong Ding Li (WBCP Singapore member) contributed a drawing of the Palawan Peacock Pheasant. The drawing will be made into a print and given as a token of appreciation to the sponsors of the festival
- All artwork/designs are donated to the Club by the artist/members

Program Committee – Alice Villa-Real, et al

September 11
- Delegates to arrive in the morning
- Bird Conservation Forum to be held from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Forum preparations will be led by Aldrin Mallari and assisted by Ronald Altamirano and Carmela Espanola. Aldrin to coordinate with BWP president Rainier Manalo regarding topics to be discussed and participants to be invited. WBCP will shoulder cost for hosting the forum. Venue and number of participants have yet to be decided.
- Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network has requested an informal discussion/meeting with WBCP raptor watchers. The meeting may be held simultaneously with the forum.
- Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn will host the Welcome Dinner for the festival delegates. Venue to be announced.

September 12
- Proposed schedule as follows:

0800 - 0900 Opening Ceremonies
0900 – 1200 Program for High School students
1200 – 1330 Lunch Break
1330 – 1630 Program for Grade School students
1630 – 1700 Break
1700 – 1730 Closing

- Organizations that have volunteered to conduct lectures are WWF-Philippines, Birdwatch Palawan, Katala Foundation and My Zoo Foundation
- LCD projector cannot be used on stage as the venue is very bright
- program committee to meet again next week to plan on program scheduling and game mechanics
- lunch for delegates, security and first-aid to be discussed with Melissa Macasaet
- Ask BWP if they have volunteers to man coloring and face-painting booth otherwise WBCP will have to allocate manpower
- Chary Dino will take charge of video-documenting requirements.
- Fellowship Dinner to behosted by the ROX at the Asturias Hotel

September 13
- Delegates will visit Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natural Park.
- Delegates going on the post-festival optional birdwatching trip will join Nicky Icarangal in the Balsahan Trail (Iwahig) in the morning and island hopping in the afternoon.
- BWP will also conduct an optional birdwatching trip. Details will be sent to delegates as soon as these are provided.
- Department of Tourism will host Farewell dinner. Venue to be announced.

September 14
- Katala Foundation will sponsor a trip to Rasa Island for ten delegates. WBCP will ask for more slots as a good number of people have signified interest to join the trip

Schools Committee – Birdwatch Palawan
- BWP will take charge of inviting schools to the festival
- Letter of invitation drafted and sent to BWP
- BWP suggested lowering the number of students to be invited (800 heads) to less than 500 students per session to focus of quality instead of quantity with the objective of teaching the students about birdwatching and conservation
- WBCP reiterated that the objective of the festival is to increase environmental awareness by informing the students about the birdlife in Palawan. BWP can continue the birdwatching and conservation issues after the festival.
- Mayor Hagedorn insinuated that he wants more students to participate in the festival
- BWP identified the lack of transportation as a hindrance to student participation and suggests that WBCP cover expenses.
- WBCP president Mike Lu will pay a courtesy call on the Mayor and ask for his assistance otherwise WBCP will have to shoulder the costs
- BWP suggested that snacks and drinks to be provided to students. WBCP will ask BWP to look for sponsors.

Press Release
- Festival launching scheduled on July 31, Thursday 6:30 pm at the ROX in Fort Bonifacio
- Guest of honor is DOT Secretary Durano
- Other guests to be invited are participating organizations in the festival
- LGUs and NGOs in the 12 sites to be promoted in DOT’s birdwatching program
- Festival press release written and submitted by Ned Liuag
- Leni Sutcliffe to write succeeding press release for August
- Program to include short talk on birds of the Philippines by Trinket Canlas, introduction to birdwatching by Alice Villa-Real, WBCP background, 12 sites for birdwatching, Cebu birdfest video
- media kit to include press release, adventure Philippines press release, WBCP brochures, Cebu birdfest dvd, cd containing WBCP logo, Birdfest logo, pictures of previous bird festivals, birdwatchers and birds
- Tintin Telesforo to take charge of reproducing DVDs
- Trinket Canlas to take charge of reproducing CD