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Meeting Minutes # 3

June 13, 2008
Villa-Real residence, Quezon City

Kitty Arce
Trinket Canlas
Tere Cervero
Adri Constantino
Anna Gonzales
Nicky Icarangal
Jhoel Jorda
Mike Lu
Ixi Mapua
Jasmin Meren
Rich Pijuan
Lydia Robledo
Felix Servita
Melanie Tan
Arnel Telesforo
Tintin Telesforo
Alex Tiongco


1. Alice Villa-Real and Chary Dino be in Puerto Princesa from June 27-30 to attend the Feast of the Forest and also launch the 4th Philippine Bird Festival. They will also meet with Birdwatch Palawan members, inspect hotel and festival venue and conduct a guided trip for City Hall employees. WBCP will shoulder their airfare, while Asturias Hotel will provide accomodations.

2. Sponsorship Committee - Some corporations have signified intention to sponsor the festival but no confirmation yet - Villa Escudero subscribed for the inside front cover (P 6000) - ROX requests for both ROX and Aigle to be included in collaterals

3. Souvenir Program Committee - DOT to send logo and message from Sec Durano (c/o Mike Lu) - Adventure Philippines write-up (c/o Mike Lu) - Team Energy logo/ad and message from Bobby Calingo (c/o Ricky de Castro) - Requests for articles have been sent out

4. Venue - Alice and Chary to visit the Puerto Princesa Coliseum and take measurements fo the venue space - Jon Villasper designed 5 new bird tarps, 5 more to be designed - Jacqueline Cua (Puerto Princesa resident and friend of Mike Lu) has suggested getting in touch with the NGO Daup Palad as they have tents that can be rented out or borrowed. Alice and Chary will get in touch when they go to PP

5. Reservations - 50% downpayment for 20 rooms at the Asturias Hotel was paid on June 13 - preferred flight bookings for volunteers will be submitted to Lydia ASAP

6. Program - WWF, Katala and My Zoo Foundation have signed up to conduct programs. Awaiting other organizations to sign-up.

7. Exhibitors - local organizations that have confirmed participation are WWF-Phils, Isla Biodiversity Conservation, My Zoo Foundation, Katala Foundation and Birdwatch Palawan - foreign organizations that have confirmed participation are Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Malaysian Nature Society, Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network, Nature Photographic Society (Singapore)

8. Birding Trip - Nicky Icarangal has designed an optional 5-day birdwatching trip for the foreign delegates - Aldrin Mallari will plan to logistics for a birdwatching trip for delegates on September 13 - Katala Foundation has offered a day-trip to Rasa Island on September 14

9. Press release - Ned Liuag has already submitted the initial press release to be given to the media during the public launching of the bird festiavl at the ROX in July (date to be setteled pending availability of Sec Durano)