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4th Philippine Bird Festival
Meeting Minutes # 2

Villa-Real residence, Quezon City
7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Trinket Canlas
Tere Cervero
Adri Constantino
Chary Dino
Lala Espanola
Nicky Icarangal
Jhoel Jorda
Alex Loinaz
MIke Lu
Ixi Mapua
Rich Pijuan
Felix Servita
Mel Tan
Arnel Telesforo
Tintin Telesforo
Alex Tiongco
Alice Villa-Real
Jon Villasper

Meeting Minutes;

1. Festival theme agreed by the group is "Aba, kakaiba !" loosely translated as "Oh, it's different." An English translation (not necessarily literal) may be added to the theme ie. Anna's suggestion: See, hear and feel the difference !

2. Mayor Hagedorn has confirmed to sponsor the use of the Puerto Princesa City Coliseum as the festival venue. Coliseum administrator Alfred Sy has already confirmed via phone to Mike Lu that the coliseum has already been reserved for the festival on September 12.

3. Tentative festival schedule as follows:

September 11

Arrival of delegates

2:00 - 5:00 pm Bird Conservation Forum
- forum between local environmental organizations, LGU and others to discuss the status of birdlife in Palawan

7:00 pm Welcome Dinner to be tendered by the City Mayor; foreign bird clubs to give mini-presentations about their organizations

September 12

8:00 am - Opening ceremonies, programs to continue
12 noon - Lunchbreak
1:00 pm - Progam continues until 4:00 pm.
7:00 pm Dinner - local orgs to give mini-presentations about their orgs

September 13

6:00 am - Outing to St Paul's National Park
7:00 pm Farewell Dinner to be hosted by the Department of Tourism and the ROX

September 14

Departure for festival delegates

Optional post-festival 5-day birdwatching trip c/o Nicky Icarangal
(max 10 delegates only)

Optional post festival 2-day trip to Rasa Island c/o Katala Foundation
(number of delegates to be decided)

4. Festival chairperson is Alice VIlla-Real, co-chairperson is Melissa Macasaet, WBCP member and city agriculturist of Puerto Princesa

5. Delegates will be booked at the Asturias Hotel. WBCP will shoulder travel and hotel expenses of 20 (or more) WBCP volunteers who are helping in the pre-planning and festival committees.

6. Department of Tourism's Philippine Convention and Visitors Corp (PCVC) will shoulder accomodations for 20 foreign delegates. They will render airport assistance, provide land transfers during festival dates for both local and foreign delegates and host Farewell Dinner.

7. Festival Committees as follows:

- oversee solicitation, cash inflow & expenses
- coordinate with Club treasurer
- coordinate with souvenir program committee regarding ad layouts
- committee members are Felix Servita, Alex Tiongco, Tere Cervero, Mel Tan

- follow-up articles to be submitted by organizations/individuals
- solicit photos from members/photographers
- layout contents including sponsorship ads
- committee members are Trinket Canlas and Adri Constantino

- plan layout arrangement design
- booth and stage design
- create tarp displays, booth signages, festival poster
- video arrangements
- committee members are Arnel Telesforo, Jon Villasper, Chary Dino

- takes care of travel and hotel reservations
- members are Lydia Robledo and Mike Lu

- plan the festival program
- coordinate with presentors
- members are Alice Villa-Real, Rich Pijuan, Lala Espanola, Ixi Mapua, Aldrin Mallari

- invite, coordinate with exhibitors
- tentative list of local organizations to be invited include Katala Foundation, WWF-Philippines, Palawan Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Center, Conservation International, Bantay Kalikasan, Palawan Haribon, Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Philippine Eagle Foundation, Isla Foundation
- tentative list of regional bird clubs to be invited Wild Bird Society of Taipei, Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Nature Society of Singapore, Malaysian Nature Society, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Hong Kong Birdwatching Society, Chengdu Birdwatching Society, Wild Bird Society of Japan, Korean Wild Bird Society, Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network
- Jhoel Jorda to coordinate with local organizations
- Mike Lu to coordinate with foreign organizations

- come up with birdwatching schedule for delegates
- members are Nicky Icarangal and Aldrin Mallari

- ROX will sponsor a press conference one/two weeks prior to the festival
- to ask assistance from Leni Sutcliffe, Ned Liuag and others to come up with press release

- invite schools to the festival
- number of students to be decided after venue layout finalized
- high school students for morning slot and grade school students for afternoon slot
- members are Joie Matillano and Melissa Macasaet

8. Festival sponsorship packages are as follows: Main sponsor at P 500,000.000, major sponsor at P 200,000.00, minor sponsor at P 100,000.00 and donor at P 50,000.00.
Sponsorship form will be uploaded to the Yahoo egroup file section or may be emailed by simply making a request to Felix Servita at

9. Souvenir ad sponsorship are as follows: inside front cover and inside back cover both at P 6000.00, full page at P 5000.00, half page at P 3000.00, quarterpage at P 2000.00, patron (one-line) at P 1000.00. Sponsorship form to be sent by Trinket Canlas later.

10. WBCP plans to come up with photo gallery of 20 birds found in Palawan (resident birds, both endemic and indigenous). Photos to be solicited from photographers, developed, framed and donated to an organization willing to conduct travelling exhibits/lectures in the different schools.