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La Natura Resort

Brgy 6, Kapayas, Coron, Palawan
5316, Philippines
mobile phone: +63 9081736496
Contact: Giellian Mos, General Manager

La Nature Resort extends a 10% discount to WBCP members.

Recommendation from Ramon Quisumbing, WBCP member, birdwatcher/bird photographer:

La Natura is an eco-resort built beside a scenic small river, with forest trees on the property and along the riverbank. They have a nice pool and 10 very nice, modern and spacious cottages (but with no airconditioning because they are an eco-resort). It is owned by an Italian-Filipino family, so their restaurant has great Italian food. 

I have photographed the following species inside the resort : Plaintive Cuckoo, Lovely Sunbird, Common Kingfisher and Olive-Winged Bulbul.

It is 200 meters away from the Capayas Creek Bird Preserve which I established a few months ago. I photographed nesting Blue Paradise Flycatchers, nesting Ruddy Kingfishers, Rufous-Backed KFs, Blue-Eared KF, nesting Black-Naped Monarchs, nesting Hooded Pittas, Red-Bellied Pitta, Ashy Drongo, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Palawan Flowerpeckers, Palawan Blue Flycatchers, Lovely Sunbirds, Olive-Backed Sunbirds, Crested Goshawk, etc. Most of these birds are resident and near-guaranteed sightings there. The top bird guide in Coron, Erwin Edonga, lives next door to my properties and is the caretaker who holds the keys to the gates. He put in birding trails and planted flowering and fruiting plants/trees. WBCP birdwatchers are invited and welcome to visit Capayas Creek Bird Preserve.