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Agreement as Meeting Minutes 2 (ABFM2)

Meeting Minutes # 2

May 22, 2010
Burger King, Quezon City
7:30 pm

Participants: Mike Lu, Cherie Parial, Felix Servita, Mel Tan, Arnel Telesforo, Tintin Telesforo, Jon Villasper

Meeting minutes include discussions held in Davao City from May 11-13 with representatives of the Philippine Eagle Foundation, representatives of the Davao City government led by Ms. Leica Lopez and Mr. Bong Aportadero, Mr Bo Puentespina of Malagos Garden Resort and ocular visits to Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, Marco Polo Davao and Eden Garden Resort

1. The Agreement establishing the Asian Bird Fair has been signed by representatives of all the founding organizations. The agreement will be posted on the website,

2. The launching of the 1st Asian Bird Fair/6th Philippine Bird Festival will be part of the Philippine Eagle Week festivities. The event will be held at the NCCC Mall in Davao City on the afternoon of June 13, 2010. Activities include film-showing, coloring and origami folding.

3. The venue of the bird fair will be the seafront lawn of the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao, Delegates to the bird fair will also be booked at the same hotel.

4. Marco Polo Davao as a partner of the Philippine Eagle Foundation has requested for some of the bird fair functions to be held in their hotel.

5. Revised program schedule for the ABF as follows:

September 23 – Arrival in Davao
Check-in at Davao Insular Waterfront Hotel
Welcome Dinner by Davao City at Matina Town Square

September 24 – Opening Ceremonies
Whole day program for students
Lunch provided for delegates
Late afternoon departure and dinner Samal Island

September 25 – Whole day activities for students
Lunch provided
Conservation Forum
Asian Bird Fair Turnover Ceremony

September 26 – Visit to Philippine Eagle Foundation
Lunch at Malagos Garden Resort
Overnight at Eden Garden Resort

September 27 – Depart Davao or depart for optional birdwatching trip

6. Committee updates:

Sponsorship Committee – Felix Servita

    - WBCP has agreed to let PEF to keep 50% of sponsorship that they can solicit for this event
    - Fair sponsorship packages as follows: Main sponsor P 500,000.00/US$ 14,000.00, Major sponsor P 200,000.00/US$ 4600.00, Minor Sponsor P100,000.00/US$2300.00 & Donor P 50,000.00/US$ 1,150.00.
    - Print ad sponsorship details as follows: Front/back inside cover P10,000.00/US $ 230.00, Full page P 6,000.00/US$ 185.00, Half page P 4000.00/US$ 100.00, Quarter page P 2500.00/US$ 60.00 & Line ad P 1000.00/US$ 25.00
    - Festival sponsor and print ad sponsorship letter and details already posted on egroup for WBCP members
    - Sponsorship Committee will tap WBCP members to fund the souvenir program through ad sponsorship
    - Mike Lu will meet with ROX for fair sponsorship
Logistics Committee – Carmela Balcazar/Melanie Tan
    - Mike Lu will negotiate with Marco Polo Davao & Waterfront Insular Hotel representatives in Manila next week
    - Carmela Balcazar will contact Eden Garden Resort for price quotation

Visual Art Committee – Jon Villasper

    - Arnel Telesforo designed the ABF logo. He will also design a t-shirt, sticker and tarp to be used during the ABF launch on June 13.
    - Jon Villasper will design 15 bird tarps & stickers, and 10 coloring sheets for the ABF in September

7. Another meeting will be held for the other committees.