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Agreement as Meeting Minutes 1 (ABFM1)

Meeting Minutes # 1

March 23, 2010
Chicken Ati-Atihan, Quezon City

Participants: Kitty Arce, Tere Cervero, Lala Espanola, Nena Espanola, Anna Gonzales, Jhoel Jorda, Mike Lu, Ixi Mapua, Jun Osano, Cherie Parial, Mel Tan, Arnel Telesforo, Tintin Telesforo, Alex Tiongco, Jon Villasper

Meeting minutes include discussions held with Philippine Eagle Foundation at Café Med in Ortigas on February 18, and with regional bird clubs during Raptor Watch Week in Malaysia on March 14.

1. The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) and the City of Davao are the official partners of the WBCP for the 6th Philippine Bird Festival. Due to the national elections in May, the Davao City government had not been responding since we last met in Balanga (Bataan) in October 2009. However, we are positive that matters will be taken cared of once the elections are over and done with.

2. The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) requested to keep 50% of the sponsorship funds that they sourced for this event .

3. At a meeting during the Raptor Watch Week in Malaysia with regional bird clubs, the Chinese Wild Bird Federation, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Nature Society Singapore, & the Malaysian Nature Society, the creation of the Asian Bird Fair (ABF) was formalized and Davao City was chosen as the host city. Henceforth, the 6th Philippine Bird Festival will now be known as the 1st Asian Bird Fair.

4. WBCP/PEF has yet to decide and needs a theme for the ABF.

5. The official dates of the 1st Asian Bird Fair (ABF) are September 23-26, 2010. Venue will be decided later after ocular visit(s) to the city.

6. Tentative schedule for the ABF as follows:

September 23 – Arrival in Davao
Conservation Forum
Welcome Dinner by Davao City

September 24 – Opening Ceremonies
Whole day program for students
Lunch and dinner provided

September 25 – Whole day activities for students
Lunch and dinner provided

September 26 – Visit to Philippine Eagle Foundation
Lunch at Malagos Garden Resort
Overnight at Eden Garden Resort

September 27 – Depart Davao or depart for optional birdwatching trip

7. Post-festival birdwatching trips will be organized by PEF (Davao) and Birding Adventure Philippines (Mt Kitanglad/Bislig).

8. Bird Fair preparation committees are as follows:

Sponsorship Committee – Felix Servita
- solicit, coordinate and follow-up for bird fair sponsorship

Souvenir Program – Trinket Canlas
- solicit and follow-up articles for the souvenir program
- prepare layout and artwork

Delegates Committee – Tere Cervero
- liaise with foreign and local delegates prior to and during the bird fair

Logistics Committee – Carmela Balcazar/Melanie Tan
- oversee flight schedule, hotel reservations and venue preparation

Education Committee – Leni Sutcliffe
- program planning for the education booth
- oversee other activities such as coloring, face-painting and origami

Program Committee – Anna Gonzales/Arnel Telesforo
- plan the program schedule ie opening/closing ceremonies, lectures
- schedule birdwatching trips

Visual Art Committee – Jon Villasper
- coordinate festival exhibit/artwork designs

Documentation Committee – Jun Osano
- oversee photo and video documentation and photo exhibit preparations

WBCP booth committee – Henry So
- coordinate/plan exhibit display and merchandise sales

9. The Asian Bird Fair will be launched during the Philippine Eagle Week festivities in Davao on June 12-13. The WBCP will be given an activity booth during the event to be held at SM Davao.